Open the Doors of Perception: From Hallucinations to Simulations with Anthony Peake

EBTV with host Evita Ochel ( and returning guest Anthony Peake ( who presents information from his newly released book: “Opening the Doors of Perception: The Key to Cosmic Awareness”, which is available on Amazon ( in Kindle and paperback.

Topics covered in the video include:

1. A summary and overview of “Opening the Doors of Perception” book. (1:31)
– Anthony’s inspiration and intention for the book

2. The brain-consciousness connection. (4:15)
– “Henri Bergson, brain acts as a limiting device, taking out much of the info available to consciousness.”
– the easy and hard problems of consciousness (research by David Chalmers:
– what creates consciousness
– the nature of hallucinations (11:25)
– the binding problem (13:37)
– how brain creates vision (14:50)
– the condition of synesthesia (20:40)
– dream and hallucination connection (21:27)
– we live in a wider perceptual universe than we realize

3. How hallucinogenic substances can open the doors of perception. (25:38)
– the mechanism and mystery of pain killers
– the mechanism and mystery of anesthetics
– the properties and mechanism of DMT and Ayahuasca
– our primitive, survival-based brain (35:00)

4. The continuum of perception and how different mental conditions impact our perception of reality. (38:34)
– how migraines influences the doors of perception
– how Temporal Lobe Epilepsy influences the doors of perception (44:52)
– how Schizophrenia influences the doors of perception
– the Schizophrenia and hallucinogen connection
– Anthony’s incident with his mother’s mental health (54:00)
– encounters with other beings
– how Alzheimer’s influences the doors of perception
– how Autism influences the doors of perception (1:05:35)
– how Savant syndrome influences the doors of perception (1:07:30)
– the Alzheimer’s-consciousness connection (1:13:37)

5. How to open the doors of perception without hallucinogens or conditions that affect our mental capacity. (1:21:21)
– the role of dreaming, lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences

6. Reality as a simulation. (1:25:33)
– digital information as the baseline of everything
– is it possible to know with certainty that we are in a simulation (1:30:55)
– dimensions of space-time

“The next great scientific frontier will not be outer space, but inner space.” ~ Anthony Peake

7. Information about Anthony’s sequel to the book “Opening the Doors of Perception”. (1:36:36)

8. Anthony’s website and social media info. (1:38:38)


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