Mar 07

Is the world just a dream?

static1.squarespace.comby Brian Thompson

Reader Question:

Is there truly no world at all and it’s all just a dream created by little old me?


The world is only an appearance arising within consciousness, onto which the mind then believes itself as being an imagined personal self who is separate from all that it perceives.

However, the dreaming mind and the person it belongs to are one in the same. In truth, both are one with everything—inseparable, unified, and forever entwined with all that Is.

Neither the mind nor the contents of its wide-awake-dream that we call Me and the World are real, for they are nothing but a concept appearing within the Awareness of the true Self.

Every sensation, perception and experience is like a dream occurring within consciousness. This illusion includes the phenomena of your body, your mind, and the psychological drama of the personal self whom you believe yourself to be. All are inconsistent and continually changing, while you—the space of awareness in which they appear—are changeless.

No moment can be saved and retrieved. Time cannot be paused or rewound. We are witness to the true impermanence of everything—including time itself—while we—the empty awareness in which all of this becomes known, remains as forever motionless.

Our sense of knowing is unchanging. We are the emptiness in which everything seems to happen.

There is only Now, and your aware Presence—your Being—is That. Everything else is a like a mirage in the desert. It seems real, but when you try to grab hold of it, it dissolves. Its reality is false; it was nothing but a projection from the mind who conceptualised it into being something it wasn’t.

The truth of your Being is that you are the silent and invisible process of all observation. You are pure awareness. You, this conscious presence, are the space through which all phenomena passes, in which all visible things come and go, while the essence-of-you remains changeless.

Your inner truth is one of infinite openness and eternal stillness. It is from this centre of all centres in which all perceptions appear.



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