Mar 22

Dreams more real than reality

dreamsparallel10-1by Jon Rappoport

Every person has had at least one dream that, during the time of the dream, was more real than waking life.

Two interpretations: he was visiting an actual locale outside this continuum; he was creating the dream.

In either case, the bottom line has great significance. The impact of the first interpretation is obvious. The second implies the person has creative power that far exceeds his ordinary sense of what he can do.

Either conclusion casts light on this continuum: it is less convincing than it seems to be. The all-embracing impression this space-time yields up is an illusion.

It isn’t the end-all and be-all.

We carry on our lives as if “this place” is IT. But it isn’t.

If it isn’t, why are we, most of time, such an eager buyer? Somehow, we’re participating in the illusion. We’re propping it up.

We want the illusion.

Here is one reason why: if we perceived and admitted our actual creative power, we would feel compelled to act on it. We would launch great inventive enterprises that far outstrip our present goals.

We would revolutionize our point of view.

For most people, this is too much.

This is sticking out one’s neck too far.

In other words, part and parcel of accepting this space-time continuum as the end-all is consenting to be average, to exist within certain parameters. The acceptance and the consent go hand in hand.



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