Apr 13

The Illusion Of Time; Does Time Exist In Fundamental Reality?


Is time merely an idea, an apparent function of relativity? Does Time Exist only in our minds, or is it something real, that we should spend carefully?

Time is sold to us as a precious commodity, something real and tangible. We’ve been raised with this idea that we live along some invisible line from birth to death and that it holds some kind of invaluable currency that we must spend wisely.

I think it’s a dumb idea and it doesn’t fit for me. It’s like a square peg round hole kinda thing. For me it’s merely a concept, one that has been afforded far too much relevance in modern life.

Time seems more like a tool to me, one that we should use to get things done in the relative world, and put back on the shelf when we’re done with it.

Like a ruler or other measuring device, the clock and calendar are tools to gauge our position relative to other things and each other.

Time can be helpful, allowing us arrange our affairs, plan meetings, go on holiday, celebrate events like birthdays and such, but we’ve become slaves to it.

We see the effects of something we have labelled “time” and state with assurance that it’s real. However, I’ve explored this at length and I’m left in no doubt about its unreality.

Mind you, there are times when I forget, like when I get up late and I’m firing the kids out the door to school. But when things quieten down, it becomes apparent.

If time is precious and valuable then it looks like most of us are in trouble, because we seem to spend it like we have no regard for it whatsoever.

According to Science…

Quantum Theory and non-locality goes something like this (in simple terms); Take two particles, A and B (photons or electrons for example). Pair them, then separate them, and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any perceivable time delay.

In other words both particles act at the same moment in time regardless of distance. This is remarkable right, how can this be? We need to have a physical connection, we need to observe some kind of interconnecting frequency waveform or something! This also means we’ve got an interaction between particles happening way beyond the speed of light, right?

Well, not really.

Quantum studies are showing science, at the fundamental level, that our concept of time as thought of as a linear passage of events is totally wide of the mark, and in fact there is no mark.

All points of reference are arbitrary, they are conveniences, they are non existent in fundamental reality.

What’s actually happening when we denote a point in space is we are collapsing a fluctuating field of vibration into matter.



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