Apr 19

Compartmentalized vs Holistic Thinking. Thoughts about thoughts

bigstock-Left-And-Right-Brain-Concept-T-42197983by Jordan Sather1

The yin and yang concept, or “Principle of Polarity”, is a foundational, natural law of our creation here. You’ll find a duality in nearly everything. Left/Right. Black/White. Hot/Cold. This principle has many manifestations within our body, as well. It’s a crucial concept when nailing down your health.

When it comes to mental health, in this case information processing, this polarity shows it’s two-sided face again. On one end we have compartmentalized thinking, on the other we have what is known as “holistic” thinking.

Compartmentalized thinking is “left brain” thinking. Calculated. Scheduled. Scientific minded. This is where you focus on specific topics, gathering as much data as you can to formulate your theories with.

This is how our education system teaches us. Chemistry. Biology. Physics. Everything is separated. Our medical system is compartmentalized, too. “Neurologists”, “immunologists”, “oncologists”. Teaching us this way has issues, and is not by accident. It’s easy to fool people when you lead them down one path their whole lives. They may think they are “logical”, but they’re anything but.

Holistic thinking is what is on the other end of the spectrum, this is right brain processing. Intuitive thinking. It is being able feel how the dots of information connect, bringing it all together to solve problems. “Holistic health” workers bring every avenue of what makes some “healthy” into the picture, to find the best path. They’re exploding in popularity and solving many issues that others can’t for a reason. Logic needs intuition to balance it. To make sure you ain’t being “bullsh**ed”. You gut feeling is usually right, right?



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