Apr 19

Why The Standard Working Model Sucks & How To Get Free


The Standard Working Model sucks big time, and I’m gonna tell you why I think so… and hopefully avoid going into a rant.

The standard working model is a creation of the industrial revolution where farmers and rural people were convinced by powerful businessmen that moving from the land into a workforce community was a ticket to wealth and prosperity.

But it didn’t really work out too well for those people.

Today in so called developed countries, we have a more refined version, and certainly much better conditions, but there’s an inherent problem with it.

It creates robots from people. It encourages conformity and scripted behaviours that restrict growth. Even now in our “advanced societies” our education system is formulated to produce workers for our economy.

You’re Only A Number

Governments sell financial packages to high net worth investors and institutions based on the future productivity and money making capacity of its workforce.

Human beings have become commodities. In modern western civilisations we have become like fleas trapped in a jar, only there’s no lid on the jar and the fleas believe there is.

In other words we’ve got this wealth of infinite potential within us, but we are limited by the system that we are entered into. We believe ourselves to be limited and only capable of certain things.

We have an education system right from pre-school to university that trains our kids to be workers, not entrepreneurs. To be dependant, not independent.

Collectively we have created this system in which we all participate, support and perpetuate by virtue of the fact we do not consciously believe there is any worthy alternative.

In fact most of us don’t even possess the ability to see that an alternative system is even required in the first place!

The standard working model says;

Now children we’re going to teach you how to succeed in the big bad world. Learn this stuff we’ve got for you and everything will be ok. You’ll get a job when you’re older, make some money, raise a family and get your children to do the same and everything will be just great…

Yes I am being a little facetious, but can you blame me?

The truth is that the system is broken and it’s been so for a long time. The ones who have come before us have sold this system as the only way to achieve a stable society, and it has a fundamental flaw at it’s core.

It takes into account the middle ground, the majority who will actually fit in and make it “work” for them. It’s my contention that most of the people who make the system work end up largely disillusioned later in life.

The Ones Who Do Not Fit In

This system is not one person’s idea, nor is it a conspiracy held in place by the few wealthy invisible and silent dictators as some headbangers will ask you to believe.

It’s a societal system held in place by the sum of the parts involved. We are all complicit, every one of us is a piece in the puzzle. Most of us just go along with it.

The standard working model works for most, for a time. But there is a more pressing issue and it is the one that concerns our children, the ones who don’t fit the mold.



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