Apr 19

Return to wholeness – the true nature of healing

imagesListening to our inner voice
There is a natural flow to life beyond judgement of good and bad. The flow is designed to create each circumstance for our optimal spiritual evolution. It’s what we all yearn for at the deepest levels. Yet how many of us are really listening to that inner voice?

Nothing happens by chance. If healing is to be truly effective, then above all, we are invited to embrace the deeper meaning of our circumstance. It’s a way of life that beckons all awakening souls…

To me, spiritual healing is the return to wholeness at a soul level or in other words, the remembrance and integration of who we truly are. By ‘remembrance’ I mean at an energetic rather than an intellectual level. True spiritual healing takes us to the root cause, that will unravel our blockages through the layers.

As an energy worker, seeing Universal Life Energy in the field as I do, it’s quite surprising to see what goes on in the field. How many people override the processes that lead to our optimal evolution and return to wholeness?

I see Universal Life Energy everywhere, like most people see the third dimensional matrix. I see how it flows and where it ‘coagulates’ as blockages (often where we notionally isolate it off in ‘containers’). At times, I am given to help to recalibrate and balance energy within an individual, group or the field in general. At other times, I help to clear energetic debris being released. I see past lives and related karmic convergence of energy. Most of the time I am simply a bridge between worlds, acting as an energetic mirror to reflect an experience that is innate with us all at a soul level. It’s not about over riding and disempowering others. It’s about helping others to remember who they truly are. Above all, it is always invited on a soul level, otherwise I just don’t go there.

Two main camps in the spiritual healing world
It seems there are main two camps in the spiritual healing world:

      1. The first is about empowering others to get up, awaken and open their eyes. It does not violate free will. It can be soft and gentle, it may equally be tough, yet it is real. It seeks only to remind us who we truly are and to inspire our own soul to animate our beingness in this world.

2. The other camp owns benevolence for its self and thereby creates something it is not. It creates an alternative reality to escape from the world that we wish to leave behind. It may appear like evolution or spiritual healing, but actually just forms another illusionary bubble. Perhaps a more desirable one, but a bubble none-the-less, isolating us from full self realisation.

We all have to decide for ourselves which camp we are really in and what serves us best. Some may be quite happy in a bubble. I’m not here to convince anybody of their truth. I am here to help another discover it for themselves.

The law of karma
If we ‘take away’ the pain and suffering of another person, the karma that created it in the first place, will simply recreate it in another form.



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