We Are Laughing Hard At The Cosmic Joke; Do You Get It?

18697339_mby Luke Miller | Truth Theory

My understanding is that life is a game, and like any game you can either choose to play it with a light heart, or you can take it so seriously that it ceases to be any fun at all. Now don’t get me wrong, when a group game of monopoly is going on, I am playing to win, but there is a difference between playing to win and the walls of Jericho falling down because you were handed a lesson.

My understanding of why we have to laugh at life is due to the fact that life makes no sense, this is due to something called the divine paradox- which states everything in the material world is duel and in the case of the divine paradox makes complete sense, but no sense at all.

Think about things on a more serious note- we have Donald Trump as the president of the United States, if we had a real choice, would we really want him leading us? Of course not, yet we do have a choice and he is still leading us. He is a manifestation of the cosmic joke, it is funny, but really unfunny at the same time. My understanding of this is we can never make complete sense of the world, as it has 2 types of truth- absolute and relative: Examples:

Absolute truth: The grass is green

Relative truth: What if a color blind animal is looking at it? What if my green and your green differs? The universe is illusory in nature, so does the grass even exist? I could go on, but I am sure you get the gist of things. Here are a few more examples of the divine paradox in motion:

We Are Both Finite and Infinite

We are infinite in our creation, if we create something, that which was created never ceases to have existed, yet it can still be destroyed, making it both finite and infinite.

All we are- exists from a single particle and that particle is infinite in its creations, yet our physical body dies. With that being said our physical body decomposes and gives back to nature, so it continues to be part of the ecosystem.

What we can achieve is infinite in nature, but at the same time has extreme limitations. You can pick from an infinite amount of subjects or even create your own. However you can never fully master a subject.

We Are Both Significant and Insignificant

We are all central to our own worlds, people often use the phrase “you think you are centre of the universe” as a way to highlight someone’s selfishness, however we literally are all central to our own worlds. We matter, we all have the ability to make the world a better place and contribute in the most amazing of ways. What we can achieve in just a single moment of selflessness, has the ability to infinitely ripple through time and on an individual and collective level we are significant.

However, on an individual level we are just a spec in a big city, in a big country in a huge continent, within a gigantic world. The size of the solar system cannot even be comprehended by the logical mind and the universe is debatably infinite.




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