May 24

The mind is nothing but mischief

static1.squarespace.comby Brian Thompson.

The mind is nothing but mischief. Following its nonsense and rhetoric will only result in trouble and confusion. The stream of thought is the cause of all delusion, nothing else. Get out of it completely! Realize that which alone which is real—the nothingness of Self in which the mind (and the world it creates) appears.

Check your head. Watch your thoughts continuously. Discriminate all that arises within the mind, including every belief, every desire, every fear, every action, every reaction, and every emotion.

Know your mind, and you will know both the world and your Self. It all arises from there. The mind is the Creator of all things—but it can’t do anything without you.

Can’t you see that everything is nothing? Everything is a projection of the mind. Everything is an illusion—absolutely everything but you.

So, why react to that which is nothing? Why bother getting lost within the falsely-created personal drama that doesn’t even exist? No longer suffer the illusions created by ego.

Nothing is how it seems. Nothing is as the mind claims it to be.

So, be the nothing that you already are but that don’t yet know. When you are nothing, there is no one left to believe anything at all!

Nothing is, but you are—this presence of invisible selfless consciousness, which alone permeates and pervades all seeming things. Realize that there is nothing other than your Self, which is this infinite presence of universal consciousness in which everything appears.

You are the emptiness in which everything seems to exist.

Check your head. Is it full? Full of what?

Who do you believe yourself to be? Who thinks whatever is currently being considered by thought? Is it you? Or, are you just aware of these thoughts as they appear to you? Who believes these notions? Is it you? Or is it just a conceptual idea of you, conditioned by the world? Who is reacting to what? Whose opinions seem to be shaping your every experience?

Ponder these questions of self-inquiry deeply.



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