May 27

In Higher Dimensions We Could See Past, Present And Future Events Simultaneously

higherdimensionsby Cynthia McKanzie | MessageToEagle.com

Did you know that if we could access higher dimensions we could see all past, present and future events appear before our eyes simultaneously?

We could see the construction of the  pyramids at Giza, the end of World War II and an important event of the future we still know nothing about. History of the past, present and future would become available to us, just like a movie.

Have you ever wondered what we would experience in higher dimensions? Many things, actually. We would have the ability to travel in time, see other universes and much more. Let’s take a journey to other higher realms, and see what awaits us there.

Image credit: anclajedeluz-rayma

Image credit: anclajedeluz-rayma

Life Of A 3-Dimensional Creature Living In A One-Dimensional World

Try and tell a snail the world he lives in has more than two dimensions and you won’t get very far. Not only because the snail does not understand you language or your means of communications, but simply because the snail does not comprehend the concept of a three dimensional world. The snail lives in a world of one dimension of space plus time.  Yes, the snail is a three-dimensional creature living in a three-dimensional world, but it’s not aware of it. The snail is only aware of one dimension at just one point in time.

higherdimensions3The space on the ground it has already covered does not exists for him anymore because it can no longer impart sensation to him. The same applies to the ground ahead of him. They belong to his past and future and as such they exist only in time. The space above, below and to the sides of the snail will never exist in the world of this creature. This is how the snail “see” his one-dimensional world.

We, humans live in world with three spatial dimensions and the objects we interact with have height, width, and depth. According to the string theory, often called the “theory of everything,” there are more space dimensions, but the ones beyond three are effectively inaccessible.

A Journey To Higher Dimensions

So, what would happen if we could access those higher dimensions and what would we experience in these higher realms? At this point it gets really exciting. In another article published on MessageToEagle.com, we explained that the past present and future all exist at once.



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