Jun 06


tumblr_mtiwagqWPp1sbavuuo1_1280Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people
So everybody can be a great mind if he/she wishes to be one.

From the time you open your eyes at birth, you see the New World as an entire Universe. You giggle and laugh at the appearance of the creatures participating in this reality. The funny-looking bipeds that take care of you are becoming your guardians or parents. As you grow you realize that you want to be part of this world because you feel alive when interacting with the environment. By the age of two you’ve been conditioned to believe whatever your guardians say. For the most part unintentionally, the adults around you project their worst fears onto you. If the fear projection is intentional, it’s human behavior at its worst. This experience is synonymous with another human behavior used in taming or controlling creatures – domestication. Are you, a new consciousness, being domesticated by the chosen reality?

By the time a child turns five it has been fully conditioned by the surrounding society, and questions of purpose are put aside in the name of human acceptance. As time goes by, the child becomes a teenager, then an adult and it could spend a whole lifetime trying to remember why he or she exists in the first place. It seems amusing to think that everything you do throughout your life is really irrelevant, because your whole lifetime is the answer to one question. The rest comes down to personal choice.

When transitions occur, one reality morphs into another and that’s when you realize that the doctrines of afterlife – the same doctrines that made you fear your own full potential as a genius – were only partially true and for most part full of errors. So, what went wrong with your experience? Actually nothing, because you lived and experienced the reality you chose.

The selectiveness and unworthiness that the religions of man preach make you wonder why (?) humanity is still living in tribal awareness when it knows that it’s a species inhabiting a planet within a solar system within a seemingly infinite Universe. It’s quite strange to see so much potential not being used. Did you know that humanity is the only species on planet Earth that is consciously preoccupied with its own mortality? Everything else is already experiencing natural balance. Are you, as a human being, afraid to accept that you are already part of a larger picture?

In order to understand humanity and what each individual is experiencing, we have to access the human archetype, which is the consciousness a species intentionally creates, according to awareness. Consciousness may be compared to water, and the process of accessing this brings the sensation of swimming in an ocean where you encounter inhabitants of various kinds that connect with each other for the maintenance and well-being of the planet.

With this in mind, let’s jump into the ocean of the human archetype and start swimming through the thoughts and feelings of 7 billion people. It’s an experience of global proportions, and it allows us to Feel the spiritual and physical senses of each individual simultaneously.

Interestingly enough, in our journey through human consciousness, we realize that the reality created contradicts the one sought by each individual, and this reality in turn conflicts with Nature. Our realization is that humanity is experiencing a paradox within a paradox. A paradox basically means a self-contradictory statement that is or may be true. Welcome to the evolution of Awareness!

A brief picture of the present moment reveals four key areas of contradictory realities. The first is the awareness of an individual who creates his or her own reality, based on personal thoughts and desires. From here the picture gets bigger… The second contradictory reality is characterized by a bond of code (morality) created among individuals belonging to related biological lineages – ideology of family. In this reality, individual growth – by following your Heart – is felt as a threat by family members as they see that the pattern of life is going to change.

Next… we have awareness grouped according to regional location – the cultural experience. This is basically a collection of group habits and traditions, based on mythological awe and the wonder of self-realization. If you haven’t realized this… we all come from dysfunctional families. Every case is different but the common factor is elusive happiness. As a result of these dysfunctional families, a structural society was created that is also dysfunctional. This is the fourth contradictory reality.



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