Jun 07

The Process, The Non-Duality Solution, Patience, Immortality and the Temporal Loop

The solution is about balancing or harmonizing the polarities not about eliminating one or focusing solely on the other. This is about balancing the in with the out, the left with the right, the higher and lower the to ensure continuity both in the longer-term and into multiple simultaneously present layers of depth of sense of self into the whole or the single moment. This is ironically more simple and comes more naturally than struggling which may be an indication of the necessity of external manipulation in order to suppress the inherent human desire to know and spiritually evolve. This is not to say that there is no inherent threat or capacity for failure but that this natural struggle has been exploited in nearly every possible way in this society. Yet, there must still be a potential to survive and reach spiritual completion which may indicate that there are overall guidelines or some kind of requirement to still achieve health and wholeness. This may also represent the necessity of free-will in this system which cannot be overtaken without resulting consequences by those who mistreat others on a large scale such as an entire species, entire soul-groups or the physical world.
As such, what may be occurring here, or is happening under the guise of this explanation, is that every possible resistance or threat to completion is being rendered in a single civilization. Every challenge that resulted in the downfall of every previous civilization here is being recreated in this society.

Either under the guise of producing growth, or the truth in this explanation is that if every possible threat or exploitation, from every angle or possibility is activated to suppress this species, that then the resulting civilization would be immune to every single physical and mental threat that could be manufactured or applied in any situation in this universe (or potentially more applicably this dimension). In this view, these threats are very much threats, but they may already have been a potential challenge to upcoming societies. Thus, those who survive these times would be considered accelerated by these threats to a level of self-awareness and consistent harmony that would render all possible threats to civilization, life, and society no longer capable of disrupting the balance. This would be the process which civilizations undergo to achieve wholeness and presence in the eternal plane.

When one learns patience, all problems are less effective and have a shorter duration.

If time is the fractal mind-virus, then patience is actually the cure.



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