Jun 13


Image1I think, imagine and it’s there.
– Sai Baba

If you perceive the world as real, then why is it that the one determining it is intangible? Are you aware that realities exist simultaneously? If you think that idea seems ridiculous, it means that you are not fully engaged with your own environment.

Because mankind has been conditioned that the external world is more real than the internal one, what we perceive in this world is, in fact, a dual-reality system. Synchronizing these realities into one experience of life brings the feeling of balance and wisdom within a person.

Most people think that humanity lives in the 3rd dimension, and that is true due to the perception of 3D objects – spacial awareness. But human behavior is spread across the 2nd and 3rd spiritual dimensions because ethical codes are represented by political systems, and moral codes are different from person to person. In order for a species to experience a common dimension, most participants would have to synchronize their thoughts into one way of life, which humanity hasn’t done.

So what is a dimension? A measurement in time and space is referred to as dimension, which derives from the Latin “dimensio.” In a reality above and within another, a dimension is the space occupied by a created world. Its boundaries are a combination of evolvement and duration. This is too big to be measured in human concepts, but a similarity of dimensions is that they are all Cognitive.

Theoretical physics has hypothesized the existence of at least 26 dimensions in the known Universe, and states that the human species is in the 3rd because of our ability to perceive 3D objects. Actually that’s not entirely accurate, because some people on earth perceive the 4th dimension without even realizing it. These same people may also subconsciously take advantage of their ability to tap into that knowledge. The human concept of a dimension has limits, and since people don’t like to think in terms of limits, then perhaps we should redefine the meaning of dimensions to phases of awareness.

Phases of Awareness recognize both scientific evolution and the knowledge of the Soul. If mankind lives in the 3rd dimension, does that make a difference in our behavior? Answering this question requires a transtheological understanding of the human psyche in a 3D environment. Even if people live in a 3D world, their behavior indicates a bidirectional communication, so it could be said that humanity is experiencing and using the 2nd phase of awareness – spiritual 2D. The forms of relationships people have on Earth are bidirectional for the sake of self-protection. For thousands of years behaviors changed, but the direction has remained the same. We could say that a human experience is like a fantastic virtual reality (VR) on a physical dimension where the Soul lives in conjunction with the physical self.

So how many states of consciousness are there? Personally I don’t think the number is important. The main goal is Spiritual Evolvement. The merging of large-scale group consciousness is part of the 3rd phase of awareness. The duration of each phase is not important, because the experience is the reconnection with Universal Consciousness. Everybody knows this subconsciously, and the differences between each state of consciousness is Awareness Awareness.

It’s strange to think that people view themselves lower than reality. Spiritual Awareness is sometimes understood as a journey up a stairway or pyramid. It seems that people feel the need to go in an upward journey, while clinging to this limiting form of bidirectional communication. Are people afraid to look down? Let’s imagine traveling toward the Moon, and you pause somewhere in the mid-point of the journey. Suspended in animation… floating, you slowly direct your view down and what do you see? How does it Feel seeing planet Earth for the first time? The experience is timeless, because you realize how small your home is in the Universe, and at the same time awareness is expanded beyond earthly reality. Once awareness has been expanded, it cannot go back to its previous state. Only imagination can be fluid in a creative Universe.

In order to understand what the next phase might be like, we must first put aside the divisions created toward each other. By that I mean the prejudices created due to color blindness (racism), tribal views (patriotism), wealth (poverty) and doctrinal views (religious or scientific beliefs). Once this is done, then we may transcend to a level beyond our current one. Depending on the open mindedness of our Hearts and Souls, we may transcend to the 4th phase and beyond.



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