Jun 23

Studying the strategies of the matrix

Studying the strategies of the matrix: Sonia speaks about the relevance of so called higher education as it relates to the matrix. She read an email from a 17 year old asking questions about the next phase of her life in terms of higher education, should she go to college. Sonia expands on the necessity to understand the strategies of the matrix as ruled by those believed to be in power; those who govern: education, corporation and politics. Sonia says “that since we must engage in the game/matrix then its best to educate ourselves on the game itself and the strategies in place. So attending college will allow you to understand the methods and concepts used to run our world. However attending college with this kind of understanding is far more powerful than attending based on social programming and expectations. To find out more about Sonia’s work do visit www.therealsoniabarrett.com and her documentary The Business of Disease www.thebusinessofdisease.com


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