The Power Of Energy In Motion

Power-Of-Energy-790x381Energy in motion is important to processing life experiences. Have you ever been struggling inside, and someone says, “Oh, just snap out of it! Stop thinking all that negative stuff and be positive!” Sounds like a great idea, right? But for many of us it is not that easy. Thoughts and feelings are an integral part of us. They sometimes get all wrapped up inside and drain our power to make the changes we want.

No matter how many positive thoughts we conjure up, when our energy is not moving freely, stagnant energy lingers in the background. People often call it “being stuck” for a reason. Without our energy in motion, the miserable thoughts and feelings we wish would go away, keep popping up repeatedly. Yep, the same old thoughts and emotions keep circling round and round again!

The Ease in Letting Go

People often say, “It’s hard to let go” when letting go is the easiest thing we ever do. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and personal power to hold ourselves back. Letting go is our natural ability to free up our power to do the things we love.

Moving our energy opens space for the release of depression, repression and the struggle we feel. A good example is when we constrict the muscles around our lungs and heart. We literally suffocate ourselves with shallow breathing and compression of our blood flow. This stresses our bodies and makes us feel uneasy, dis-easy. Dis-ease is an early warning sign of what we commonly call “disease”.

Try this exercise as way to better understand:

Hold your arm out in front of you.

Squeeze your fist as tight as you can.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze tighter and tighter…and do not let it go!

Keep holding it as tight as you can. Squeeze, squeeze… tighter and tighter. Do not let it go!

Notice any discomfort you feel in your fist, arm and the rest of your body.

How is your breathing? Does the rest of your body feel relaxed? How relational do you feel? Do you feel free? How is your thinking? How present are you with the rest of what is going on around you? Is your focus of attention narrow?

Keep holding it tight and think about what it means to be “uptight”.

Then slowly start letting it go…slowly uncurl your fist.

Notice if your hand is feeling any resistance to letting go? Is there any discomfort in letting it go?

And when you’re ready…

Let it go! Relax, and Shake it out!

Notice how good it feels to let go and shake it out.

Energy in Motion Supports Continuity

Dancing, shaking, vibrating and expressing ourselves makes it easier to let go. It allows our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to be flexible and move more freely. Motion also supports in shifting our continuity while going through withdrawal from the habit of holding back.

When we keep our energy in motion many of the following benefits are:

Experiencing a sense of well-being where thinking positively comes naturally.

Allowing the space for old beliefs and stories about ourselves to dissolve, resolve and evolve more readily.

Circulation of our blood and release of our muscles allowing us to experience the joy of being alive.

Allowing our emotions to express, feel happy, inspired and ready to take the next steps in our lives.

Freedom, power and the ease of being in alignment with ourselves and all that is.

Experiencing what it means to be in the flow of life.

Space for envisioning and bringing forth the bodily felt sense of how we want our lives and our world to be.



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