Jul 03

Eternity is Now

ETERNITY is the Ever-present NOW!!

Eternity does not move through time.
Time is an appearance in Eternity.

Time is an effect, not a reality.

In fact, in Reality (in Eternity), there is no time – no past and no future.

There is only Now, one single Eternal moment – the Eternal Now.

Within this grand Eternity, within this ever-present moment, our relative existence contains several functions. One of which is memory.

It is the function of memory which effectuates the illusion of time.
Through the function of memory, differences between events in eternity are perceived, giving rise to the concept of time.
Memory is, in other words, a function that tracks changes within the Eternal Now.

Time is the Relativity and Eternity is the Reality.
Reality is first, time comes second. (as an effect of memory)
There is no time in Reality.

There is only time in relativity, which is not an absolute.
The error is to subject Reality to the lower relative function of memory and erroneously impose time upon the Eternal Now and mistakenly suggest that Reality-Eternity-Now is moving through time.

This is not so.
Instead, the illusion of time is an appearance in Reality-Eternity-Now.

The mistake is to assume that there are multiple moments and only a tiny instant of present now. Seen correctly, there is only one single present eternal moment -the Eternal Now – within which multiples of memories can be perceived.

Perception is the Absolute, the I AM – Pure Looking.
The objects of perception are Not the absolute.
Objects (like memories) are the relative, the mortal, the passing.
All psychological suffering comes from the mistaken belief that time is predominant.

Put first thing first – prioritize the present – to correct the equation and all is well.

Eternity is unconditioned Looking,
Unconditioned Looking is Now,
Now is Reality,
Reality is Timelessness.

Looking from and as Eternal awareness at all objects, I remain timeless – Eternal.
Looking from and as the identified position of being an assumed body-mind-object, I appear time bound – Mortal.

Without the erroneous identification with objects, you are Eternity-Reality-Now-Timeless-Presence.

Stop furnishing Now (the Eternal moment) with memory and Reality remains.


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