Jul 07

Psi Lens, Please…

psienceby Shunyamurti

Silence is our psi lens. Only in inner silence can the source of consciousness be realized. This ultimate source is the key to understanding reality. Our current form of science lacks this key. We must create a true and complete psience in place of our defective materialist object-centric science.

Through integrating consciousness into our paradigm of reality, and actualizing its power—which was the original intent of ancient Greek philosophy as well as of Indian yoga—a fully unified field theory and divine dynamo of unlimited zero point energy can be formulated and configured.

Until we have understood the true nature and power of consciousness, and its place in the causal chain of phenomenal unfoldment, we shall not be able to ameliorate the current trajectory of planetary events toward total catastrophic disintegration. It is not the Higgs boson that is the true God particle, but authentic transcendent God-consciousness that permeates every particle, and that we must quickly discover and to which we must learn to attune.

To function as resonant channels of the zero-point wave which emanates from the One, the absolute source of being and consciousness, we must study the psience of the psi lens.  Through the attainment of timeless and trans-spatial mental stillness, conscient intelligence can penetrate through our cosmos, which is really a cognos—an atemporal ideational structure of archetypal concepts perceived as the multiplicity of beings flowing through space and time, holographically configured by the divine intelligent imagination, the Ordainer, the formal substance and ultimate Actant underlying all spacetime events.

Our world-time flows, not according to apparent physical causality, but according to laws of meaning that produce vertical causality, in a cascade from the Absolute through a vast hierarchy of Being, as delineated by the great psientists of the Western gnostic lineage running from Parmenides and Plato to Plotinus and Proclus to the Christian sages such as Dionysius the Areopagite to Meister Eckhart, and down to Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel, among other philosophers, in the modern world. Their insights parallel those of the various advaita yoga traditions of India. Relativity and quantum physics are congruent with those yogic discoveries. The bottom line of their findings includes the datum that this field in which we live is not a material, mind-independent universe, but an oneiroverse, a dreamworld; that is, a cosmos-in-consciousness, a universe of impermanence, of appearance and disappearance, being and non-being, that functions as a great dream.

Beginning with this realization, it is simple to contemplate God as the highest state of potential consciousness. By pursuing the timeless question reiterated by Sri Ramana Maharshi, arguably the greatest modern psientist, the question that can only be asked wordlessly in a deeply introverted state, “Who am I?”—any relentless psientist can easily realize the Absolute.

Such realization creates immediate effects within the world illusion. The first noticeable effect is the creation of local negative entropy. The aging of a yogi who meditates regularly slows down considerably. Time also intersubjectively slows down, yet simultaneously fills with more possibilities. Plants grow faster, larger, and food crops become more full of nutrients and taste. The health of the body as well as the ecosystem improves. This has enormous implications. But far more important is the empirical observation that can be made of local time flows altering other parameters of probability and contours of our umwelt and even the ultimate trajectory of time. In other words, the flow of time can be reversed, and the omega point can invoke the alpha—just as the great Russian psycho-mathematician Pavel Florensky noted that time flows can be reversed in a dream. Kurt Godel worked out the logic of timelessness as the necessary attribute of any universe.

Once the collective resonant energy field of a community of yogis reaches a critical level of shaktipat—non-ordinary divine power generation—the positive entropic coherence crystallizes into an exponentially growing attractor that can re-order the negentropic chaos of surrounding zones of lower consciousness. Because consciousness is primary and chemistry only secondary, the shakti waves trigger the field-entrainment of entangled pineal glands into production of entheogenic harmonics on a natural and autonomous basis. All the marching orders of reality will be again governed by the One and carried out by the angelic orders, whose function it is at the moment of singularity—that is, of general planetary timeshift—to return all beings to purity of archetypal consciousness, resulting in a new unveiling of the kingdom of heaven.



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