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LIFE PATTERNS and BLOOD LINES: Reincarnation for the Western Mind

reincarnation_origThis article first appeared in New Dawn Magazine, Special Issue Vol.9 No.6, December 2015

by Paul V Young


The majority of cultures in the East have long accepted that part of the subconscious self is capable of surviving without embodiment, advancing from one lifetime to another.   This part of our nature is believed to be a life-force energy field possessed of awareness which, once created, never ceases to exist.  In the Western tradition, the first and most famous exponent of the concept was none other than Pythagoras in the 6th century BCE.  Both he and the later philosopher, Empedocles, spoke openly about their previous incarnations and, later still, Plato discussed it in ‘The Republic.’  They used the term metempsychosis, meaning transmigration. But weren’t the ancient Greeks renowned for introducing ‘logic’ to the world?  Most assuredly they were and, just like all universal laws, reincarnation follows a rational process, in accordance with logical rules.

The Law of Reincarnation is not the property of religion anywhere in the world, least of all in Western society where it was dismissed for so many centuries, only to become accepted again in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by a public who had learned to think for themselves.  The modern Western thinker either accepts or rejects the existence of the Higher Self, according to their own conclusions.  To those who find the tenet palatable, reincarnation often finds favour as a more logical probability than a one-off, make-or-break shot at existence.  If, as a universal law, we deem it to be ‘logical,’ wouldn’t its characteristics and rules of application be discernable to us?  The answer is yes, reincarnation possesses observable, orderly features, some of which we will examine here.

  • Reincarnation occurs in cycles, at specific intervals.
  • These cycles are sometimes synchronous with our family trees.
  • We have recurring connections and attractions to others.
  • Free-will is exercised in most aspects of reincarnation.
  • An inter-dimensional interchange occurs via our DNA.
  • Like day and night, we have gap periods in ‘between-life’ dimensions.
  • There are ways to track former lives and identify associations with others.

Seasons of the Soul: The 144-Year Cycle
A key insight in understanding rebirth is the propensity of the Higher Self to reincarnate in 144-year cycles.  That is to say there is an average of 144 years from one birth to the next birth.  Just like life, there are seasons that continue in between lives, until we are ready for rebirth once again.  So a person who was born in 1926 and died at the age of 74 in 2000 would probably be due to be reborn in approximately 2070, after dwelling on a ‘between-life’ dimension for 70 years.

It needs to be stressed that these are approximate lengths of years.  In the case of an infant or child whose life has been prematurely cut short, they may well be reborn quite soon afterwards and continue their life journey as a different person, thereby actually completing two lifetimes within the one 144 year cycle.  It is claimed by some clairvoyants that suicide victims return to earth in a very short period of time.  Universal laws of karma would prevail in any of the foregoing circumstances, with an outcome being reached in line with the purpose of the Higher Self and its right to exercise free-will.

It is sometimes said that time does not exist on the higher and lower planes as it does on earth.  However, in the afterlife dimension time is experienced in terms of one’s unfolding consciousness and can be understood, measured and checked against earthly time.  So while the exact length of each life-span might vary, it should work out that a personality which has been going through the cycles of rebirth in this world throughout recorded civilization would have had seven incarnations in the past 1,000 years, fourteen since the time of Christ and twenty-eight since 2,000BCE.  That particular period presents an interesting timeline to reflect on: 4,000 years ago was when Abraham lived in Ur; Rama existed in India; the Olmecs flourished in Mesoamerica; the Xia Dynasty ruled China; the Twin Dynasty Wars flared in Egypt; the ancestors of the Latins arrived in Italy; Stonehenge was completed in England.

The 144-year cycle may not sit well with those who prefer to believe that they reincarnate instantly, time after time, without pause.  It is common to read of people who claim they have been born on earth hundreds or thousands of times.  According to the cycles we are speaking of here, one should only have experienced 80 to 85 rebirths since the end of the last ice age.  That is not to deny the possibility that we may have lived in pre-historic times, that Atlantis may have existed, or we dwelt on other worlds, but those discussions fall outside the scope of our work here.

Should you do an on-line search for ‘144-year cycles of reincarnation,’ you will find a number of reference sources and, among them, you will most likely be directed to the book, ‘Mansions of the Soul,’ by H. Spencer Lewis.[i]  Dr. Lewis covers a lot of ground regarding reincarnation, including the 144-year cycle and linking it to Western thought and Christianity.  Where his creed diverges from that of this writer is in the understanding of what New-agers commonly call Soul Groups – but can also be termed Inter-Dimensional (ID) Families – collections of personalities who maintain connections with, and often reincarnate at the same time as, other individuals either because of compatibility, or to work out old karma.  Dr. Lewis believes that family blood and family trees are strictly matters of the physical body and that when that body dies, we lose all connection and association with earthly relations.  According to anecdotal evidence, that goes against the instincts of many who embrace the doctrine of reincarnation.  Such associations and attractions are logical on earth and there is no compelling evidence that logic must be suspended or abandoned in the afterlife dimensions.

Life Patterns
Given that you’re reborn at regular intervals and repeatedly meet up with the same members of your ID Family, it is logical to assume that you ought to be able to make connections between your physical family tree and your previous incarnations, thereby identifying some of your past lives and people with whom you associate from one lifetime to the next.

At the very heart of this Life Pattern lies the proposition that there is a reason why you associate with the people you do, throughout your life.  This is especially true of those you are close to, including the family you are born into.  More than that, it applies to anyone who has a major influence on your life path and vice-versa.  The Life Pattern suggests that we all belong to other-worldly clans and, taking that a step further, we reincarnate with the same individuals from one lifetime to the next, over and over again.  These associations form our ID Families.

Why delve into these Life Patterns?  Consider the benefits of knowing the reasons why you are attracted to certain people and places, yet repelled by others.  A sense of confidence and reassurance arises within us, once we start identifying the key players in our lives.  There is an internal warmth that comes with discovering who is part of our ID Family, while a new understanding dawns on us when we realize a particular person is not part of that group, just someone we once crossed paths with and we now need to work through some karma with them.

Just as there are laws that govern nature on the physical plane, there are cosmological rules operating on the higher and lower dimensions.  But it must be emphasised that, unlike the laws that govern planetary orbits or the seasons and the tides, any rules applying to human beings are flexible because we exist under the law of free-will.  You are the master of your own destiny.

Blood Lines: The Tree, its Branches and Nests
The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating, and it is possible to do some practical exercises in the search for our own former lives, as well as other members of our ID Family, with the objective of taking greater control in this life.  These aspects are more applicable to recent generations, let’s say the past few hundred years, because that is about as far back as most of us can trace our genealogy.  However, your understanding of the 144-year cycle will allow you to go back to any time in history to which you feel drawn intuitively and see if it coincides with your own cycles.  Some readers may feel they lived before as somebody famous and, conceivably, many eminent persons from history could well be living in other bodies today.  If you feel attracted to a particular era and personality, there must be a reason for it: either you were the person you think you were, or at least you were associated with them or lived during their lifetime.



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