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Your Words Are Like Orders Placed With The Universe


The Power of the Spoken Word

Most people have no idea how of the power of their spoken words.  Your words are magnetic affirmations that draw to you the very things you talk about.  This is because the words you speak are simply a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs, and these are what define your point of attraction.  Much like how emotion increases the creative power of your thoughts so does saying them out loud.  What you speak reinforces, and therefore amplifies, the underlying thought and accelerates its manifestation

Your words will not cause instant manifestations of what you talk about, but the more often you say them, the more well-defined and less contradicted your thoughts and ideas become, and the sooner they will be manifested.

This idea is echoed in the following statement made by Mike Dooley in his highly recommended book Infinite Possibilities.

Your words are simply your thoughts out loud, making them the ones that will become things the soonest.

Emotion is part of the reason words are so powerful — the thoughts we choose to say out loud are often the ones we feel most strongly about making them very powerful attractors.

Hence, one of the golden rules of deliberate creation is…

Ensure that every word you speak, write, or think is as positive as possible for best results.

Many people don’t follow this rule very well at all.  Many have fallen into the trap of habitual negative and pessimistic thinking.  They have developed a deeply ingrained habit of focusing on what they don’t want or don’t like, rather than focusing on what they want. They focus on what could go wrong rather than expecting the best, and they focus on limitations rather than possibilities.

Pitfall – Talking About What You Don’t Like, Don’t Want, or Fear

Those with a negative/pessimistic mindset, are very easy to spot — all you have to do is listen to what they talk about.  If you do, you’ll hear them doing a lot of complaining — talking about what they don’t like and don’t want.  You’ll hear them talk a lot about their fears and what they don’t want to happen.  You’ll hear them talk a lot about what might go wrong.  All very disempowering if you understand the laws of creation. Sadly, these people are hugely miscreating, and they don’t even know it.

Complaining is one of the most obvious forms of miscreative speaking. It is the habit of talking about your problems and what you don’t like or don’t want.  Complaining is similar to worrying in that you’re focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you do, which, of course, by the Law of Attraction, only serves to maintain, or attract, more of the very things you are complaining about.

This sentiment is echoed in the following statement made by Rita Schiano, a succesful motivational and inspirational speaker.

Talking about our problems and fears is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your dreams and joys.

What to do when you catch yourself complaining?  Immediately pause, remind yourself how miscreative this habit is, and then say something positive instead.  Say something about what you like or want, or express gratitude for something you already have — say anything positive!  Keep doing this every time you catch yourself complaining, and soon you’ll find yourself complaining less and less, and building a habit of positivity instead.

Vetting Your Thoughts and Beliefs by Monitoring Your Words

The strong correlation between our thoughts and what we talk about is a good thing because it gives us an easy way to catch ourselves thinking negatively.

It is nearly impossible to monitor our thoughts because most of them arise unconsciously, and there are a whole lot of them.  It’s far easier to monitor what we say because we utter our thoughts out loud only occasionally.  It’s not that difficult to build a habit of noticing the words you are speaking and reflecting on the underlying thought and beliefs they represent.

Armed with an understanding of the elements and principles of deliberate creation, if you just start paying attention to what you are saying, anything negative or miscreative will stand out like a sore thumb.  This will give you the opportunity to adjust your words and your underlying thinking, as well as potentially identify a core limiting belief that isn’t serving you, allowing you to remove or replace it.  To dive deeper into the extremely important topic of beliefs check out my Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom #9 Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality.

Deliberately Speaking About Your Hopes, Dreams, and Desires

The words you speak spontaneously in conversation are often spewed out nearly unconsciously, and, because of this, they certainly reflect your existing thoughts and beliefs.  But you can also intentionally and deliberately speak, both during conversation with others and to yourself during private moments.

During conversations with others, deliberately share your positive expectations of situations working out in your favor, of your future, and of attaining your dreams and desires.  Share them with people you know are positive and will be encouraging.  If you encounter naysayers, who want to rain on your parade, just remind yourself they are unaware we are creators and we exist in a field of infinite possibilities, and ignore them.

During private moments, deliberately and passionately talk to yourself and the Universe about your positive visions of yourself, your future, and the attainment of your dreams and desires.  This process is called affirmations and is a great tool that can be used regularly to put your focus on your highest aspirations and expectations, thereby making them your predominant point of attraction.



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