Stunningly Complex New Crop Circle Appears In Cley Hill, Warminster July 18, 2017

Cley-Hill-dst21A-759x492A stunning new crop circle has appeared in Cley Hill just over a week ago. The formation is in excess of 300 feet (92m) in overall diameter and appeared in a barley field.

The complex formation of scalloped edges with two arcs containing semi circles at either side of the each scalloped apex is truly a thing is beauty. As you will see in pictures below, the formation contains a central cube with 12 radiating triangles.

The question is, how did it get here?!

As we will discuss below, crop circles are a phenomenon that simply can’t be ignored. Formations show up every single year and come with great mystery, even in the scientific realm. Many do not realize some of the amazing things that are happening inside crop circles that blow the board and rope theory out the window.

“Some of these formations are so immense and complex as to defy reason. And after all these decades, none of the perpetrators have been caught in the act of making any of the truly extraordinary formations.” – Richard Dolan, historian, academic, author, and one of the world’s leading UFO researchers (source)

Richard’s thoughts there are quite telling of this reality, and even scientific minds are at a loss for words as although they believe the circles are done by humans, they are calling it the most science oriented art movement ever.



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