Aug 08

A Moment Of Clarity….

by VisionKeeper

I was just outside watching a butterfly glide about on a gentle breeze, the sun filling it with energy so it can continue on it’s search for flower nectar. Here I am on my last half of life still awakening to new understandings. Love it! As I watched the butterfly flitting about, I had what I would call an epiphany of sorts. Now I am sure a great many others have already had this thought and probably much earlier than I, but we get what we get when it is needed. There are a great many things right in front of our faces and yet we do not see them or catch on to their messages right away for whatever reason. If we paid closer attention to our lives perhaps we would not over look the obvious so often.

Here is what came to me: Yes, it is fascinating to realize a caterpillar actually has to die to turn itself into a butterfly, the whole amazing process has been studied by many and awed by everyone. Several summers ago I raised a pupa in a ball jar until the birthing of a beautiful monarch butterfly. It was amazing to witness. What I failed to see until now, the message I received from this butterfly I was watching today, was that there is no need for a debate on whether or not reincarnation exists. What more proof do we need than a caterpillar that dies only to return to life as a butterfly? There is no argument. We all live many lives, improving our existence as we progress along the journey.



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