Aug 18

Fear And Awareness ~ Sevan Bomar

Sevan Bomar – Fear And Awareness
Excerpt from Gnostic Warrior Radio with host Moe recorded on February 10, 2017

~In this podcast, Sevan discusses with us his philosophies on Occultism, Gnosticism, and Life. He says that total awareness is total fear. Sevan shares with us the pitfalls of the illusion, fake media and false realities created to control people and cause them to react a certain way. To get emotional so we put off energies so these energy vampire beings that we cannot see in different frequency realms can feed on energy.

Sevan also tells us how thinking and though takes us further away from ourselves. There becomes a point where acquiring knowledge needs to stop. He says the end goal of all the Great Work and Knowledge is the state of All Knowing. Gnosis of all the Incarnated Worlds.


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