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How Psilocybin Mushrooms and Plant Medicine Can Heal Humanity and Transform Our World

7-Reasons-Psilocybin-Mushrooms-Plant-Medicine-Can-Heal-Humanity-Transform-Our-World-fb1-800x450By Juliet Tang | Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The more healing work I do, the more I realize nature is one of the greatest teachers and healers gifted to us.

On a hot summer day under a canopy of trees resting on a soft bed of fallen pine needles, magic mushroom gently opened the gates of various dimensions and guided me into its world.

Anyone who has ever worked with plant medicine understands no words can adequately capture the sheer magnificence of what unfolds, or describe it in any way that would do the experiences justice. When one is engulfed in the ancient wisdom of light knowledge bestowed by these generous teachers, one enters a Divine Observer state of being and all words are simply lost.

However, it is my mission to share these gifts with you, for I firmly believe it is past time for the world to return to the origin of our existence and embrace powerful natural healing modalities that can shed much light on the shadows we are currently facing. We live in a world where natural plants given by mother earth are demonized and labeled dangerous and illegal because they cannot be patented while deadly chemicals produced in labs are treated as mainstream and safe in order to fill the pockets of a few. It is past time for us to challenge these collective beliefs that imprison us, and plant medicine can show us the way.

Remember the Truth of Who You Are

In a world where 99% of the population identifies solely with the body and the mind, the truth of reality is, we are Source Energy, or Light of All There Is that is powerful, eternal and always evolving, and plant medicine is more than eager to show us this truth.

While everyone’s experience is different since Source Energy expresses itself in an infinite number of ways, once the filters that separate us between this “reality” and all other dimensions are dissolved, we experience ourselves as one with everyone and everything around us.

For me, I experienced myself as the leaves that were dancing in the wind, the ants that were carrying morsels of food back to their offspring, the roots that were drinking up the moisture from the earth and the earth that was nourishing and supporting all her children.

I also experienced myself as the Divine Intelligence that is within everything; or rather, I remembered how to set aside the illusion of “me” so I could be the channel for Source to work through.

Once the ego is removed, we no longer see the separation between anyone or anything and the only thing that is left is a profound sense of divine love and oneness.

We are Divine Love.

In a world of 7.5 billion, what would happen if all of us woke up tomorrow and remembered our true essence?

Understand the Harmony of Co-existence and Presence

Without the interference of the ego, I was fully present in the moment and assumed the role of the True Self – the silent observer. Time disappeared, the past and the future became insignificant and the powerful light of presence was in itself a transcendental state. Interestingly, without the mind, there was nothing but clarity and being.

In the forest, every insect, flower and tree was co-existing in complete harmony. Each manifestation of consciousness was utterly present and just existing; each was simply being what it was without drama, resistance or disconnect. Nothing in nature needs to be instructed on what to do, when to bloom and how to grow, everything is accomplished in the most effortless fashion.

Human beings can easily buy into the drama of an unawakened ego and live in a state of deep unconsciousness where regrets from past and worries about the future take away the power of presence. As a result, the discord in our energy fields becomes magnified and contributes to the collective unconsciousness.

What plants can teach us is the power of being as well as harmonious co-existence with each other and nature. When we bring consciousness into every moment, become the observer of what is rather than getting caught up in the mental stories, and choose to be at ease with our inner reality and who we are, we are also lifting the collective.



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