Tree of Life: Spirit Science 35

Spirit Science 35_1 ~ The Qabalah (Tree of Life Pt. 1)

In this Spirit Science episode, we dive into the deep and mysterious world of the Qabalah, also known as the Tree of Life. This ancient system is a cosmic glyph, said to describe everything in creation with tremendous detail, how the universe comes into being, the structure of our consciousness, and how to live within the natural forces of nature. The information on the Qabalah is incredibly detailed, and in this episode we begin to unravel its secrets by exploring an overview of its systematic structure. In this know that we are only looking at just the tip of the iceberg.


Spirit Science 35_2 ~ The 10 Sephiroth (Tree of Life Pt. 2)

In this episode, we continue our exploration of the Tree of Life, specifically diving into the 10 Sephiroth. These spheres along the Tree are not things, but states: divine emanations by which Spirit uses to manifest reality. They are outpourings of energy, which continually condense further and further until manifesting out of formlessness and into a solid tangible realm which we call the third dimension. Each Sephiroth builds upon each other, and is contained within each other; today we explore the depths of each one, and how they are connected!


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