The Activation of Full Self-Awareness and Transference to the True Reality

I didn’t explain much about the perceptual overlay system or the dissolution process and experience however this is primarily about the way that the essence of awareness must become activated as one indivisible higher self-awareness which is already and always present in higher-space.

This then acts as the extra-dimensional vehicle to transport one’s identity into the true reality which is outside of what is technically a perceptual overlay system created by the holographic nature of the brain and certain technological and perceptual mechanisms of this reality.

This is about synergy between the parts and the whole. The parts of the body and mind are alone incapable of achieving or representing what the whole essence is altogether. One must activate their awareness as the whole rather than just the separate parts and in doing so there is an overall shift represented by a presence of harmony and a unified force of awareness energy throughout.

This is not easily predicted or uniformly activated for everyone however this is the project that is taking place for this society, everyone is undergoing a kind of mind-expansion experiment that is designed to give people the opportunity to increase their awareness to the point of unifying their energy into an indivisible form that can literally be transported into a higher reality outside of linear time.


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