How Human Aura Energy Field is Created and What Keeps it in Balance

Human-Aura-Energy-FieldAll humans have brains, but there are not so many who know how to use them effectively in order to harmoniously evolve together with Nature. There is also the human heart which carries out vital functions of the human body. Human heart has to go through the challenging process of refining the feelings and emotions so we can enjoy a quality life.

The argument of what is more important, the Human Heart or the Human Brain, has been a cornerstone between scientific minds and followers of the spiritual beliefs. What should govern human life – rational way of thinking or emotions? Should we listen to our intellect or follow out heart? It seems that it is almost impossible to combine both of them, just like fire and water. Too much fire can turn water into air and too much water can put the fire down. However, if you really know how to use both, you can find the way for them to work in a powerful synergy and create a steam engine.

Nevertheless, scientists would most likely argue that the human brain is more significant than the human heart. After all, there is a rational explanation for that – the human brain is much more complicated than the human heart. One of the main functions of the human brain is to receive and transmit information, which gives humans a chance to communicate with surrounding environment. Due to the work of human brain we know how our skin feels when we touch something, we know how the birds sing when they do, we know how flowers smell, we know how a strawberry tastes. Human brain is needed to transform our thoughts into words and it also allows us to control the movement of our body and its parts. In many cases, we really take for granted the power of the human brain and what it can do.

If we look at the human heart, it may seem that it only has one major function in the human body – to pump blood. Nevertheless, the human heart is an extraordinary organ that works as long as we live. While the human brain is involved in complicated work, the human heart sends extra blood to the areas of the brain that need more power.


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