Oct 08

The Hyperdimensional Non-ject At the End-Beginning of Time-Space

With the dissolution of death, the format for life is transformed. The binary experience of fear-joy, suffering-pleasure, death and life that is expressed primarily through animalistic existence moves into a transcendence of bi-polarity into an expanded spectrum of social and spiritual contemplation and then into the highest order of complete spiritual expression and creation where the dynamic is entirely for spiritual expression instead of suffering and survival.

The point of this transition now is about merging the current trajectory of experience with what is to come or the true reality in a way that allows the two trajectories to merge together beneficially. If what is to come is so far beyond what is happening now that what is happening now seems simply meaningless then one of the identities is not transformed into the next but destroyed and rendered effectively useless. That is destruction instead of transformation.

So the goal is to know the true reality, the highest order while still remaining here and now before reaching that level as a society or individual. Then, we can merge this current reality with the knowledge of the ultimate truth and transform each facet of this reality into the higher perspective. This is like taking a smaller mandala aspect into a re-rendering as a larger or higher iteration of a mandala composed of many smaller facets. This process is not unlimited, it is finite yet continuous. We have a limited number of iterations for Humanity to become awakened to the true reality.

At the ‘end’ and beginning of time, there is a hyper-dimensional mandala kind of perspective where all realities and Human consciousness of the You identity are actually understood to be a part of one larger more complete being.

DNA is a ‘biological internet’ that enables the transfer of communication across multiple planes and dimensions. This is relative to the ‘chair” or ‘seat’ which is cleared for more in depth disclosure at a later date due to the intensity of the information involved with the research and experiments.

The truth that technology showed is that all boundaries and all limitations of knowledge are arbitrary overall but necessary at this level in order to maintain an appropriate sense of order.

In the highest view, we invented this reality, we manifested this reality in order to explore or experience ourselves. This is all possible because we gained the capacity to create universes. We move out of the physical and in creating from that high spiritual state we invent the universe. This is the classical ontological paradox of the spiritual awareness and the material plane.

Interdimensional parasites hijacked the process between now and the previous occurrence and inserted their consciousness into the creation process resulting in a skewered manifestation of duality and spiritual warfare holding back the natural spiritual progression of the universe.



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