From the Many to the One: A Short Guide to Complete Awakening

By Daniel Pineda

Complete awakening happens on all levels. This includes the realisation there are some very serious enemies to personal/spiritual liberty who will work against you. They might say they are looking out for your best interest, or that of the greater good, but it is really always about control.

Thanks to archaeology and anthropology, we have been given some very clear information of the characteristics of each age of human societal development. For thousands of years, the glue that held societies together was conformity as well as the judgment that ensues when this conformity was not met. Conformity to accepted cultural, religious, racial, and economic norms held together the collective identity pretty well. This worked just fine as long as populations were relatively small and homogeneous. If wealth is concentrated and accessible only to the very smallest portion of such a society, then dependence is a natural survival instinct that proves successful in most cases. If the group is small and each member procures food, shelter, and clothing in the same way, then the instinct of perceived fairness aids in the preservation of justice. In these societies positions of power are usually inherited by birth or military skill.

As a nation grows in size, population, and wealth however, new ways to relate and understand each other are needed. The old glue of conformity is just not flexible or elastic enough to hold together groups of individuals with widely differing views on almost every issue. Our sense of fairness that we developed in our early stages of evolution actually starts working against us. The very things that would actually create more wealth and leisure time can seem as a threat to our perception of fairness, such as specialisation, contractual agreements, as well as the risks inherent in a marketplace.

Our palaeo-brains are hardwired to think that in order for one person to have, another must go without. In a free-market society, this is not necessarily so. The pie is not limited. Due to profit motive that rewards risk taking and competitive pricing, the entrepreneur is free to add to the pie rather then just redistribute a fixed portion of it.

The new glue must be independence. This glue takes longer to set, yet it is much stronger. It relies not upon conformity, but upon respect, love, and the potential loss of sovereignty for those who would thwart the rights of others.

Communism/Statism/Progressivism is a re-emergence of outdated stone age communal instincts wrapped in the garments of post structuralism (discipline and therefore structure is essential to liberty; the anti-structuralist is a peddler of the worst kind of lies and superstitions as he is promising the ignorant person an impossibility) and political correctness, defended from any real scrutiny by the professed pure intentions of the enviro-marxist-radical.

I am a MAN and I will not COMPLY

The collectivists/Statists don’t like to be challenged. They demonise their opponents because the truth about their plans would expose them as the radical enemies of liberty they know themselves to be. People should speak up and defend positions as long as they genuinely believe them. It is when we begin defending ourselves rather then debating ideas that who is right no longer matters as much as who is left. This degeneration puts us back.

The collectivists want the revolution of one so called class against another, rather then the transmutation of the entire culture. Positive societal evolution happens best when it arises from within people as an entire cultural shift, not as a protest group or one class against another. Equal justice first requires the acknowledgement of all being equal before it, otherwise it’s just another empty phrase.

Every single mass murder has been produced by people using the government to enforce their will upon others. The government, especially in a society that has become as complacent about REAL civil liberties as ours, can do these things and has done these things in the past. The inquisition was big government, as was the holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany, the Native American tragedy, the Soviet murders and planned starvation, the Taliban, Iran, etc.

The foundation of future civilisations will rely upon the supreme sovereignty of the individual. The defence of the rights of humankind must be the only occupation of the state, any other function being a siren calling the ship of culture to ruin.

The ethic of liberty is a royal ethic, its morality is that of enlightened self-interest and non-interference. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” And also “Love is the law, love under will.” These must become the essential core ingredients of society’s new glue if we are to continue to grow and advance the well-being of the race.

What must we learn?

In birth a human being arrives to this world with no knowledge or understanding. He possesses nothing; not even that which he will some day come to call “himself.” The newborn is, if anything, a mass of tendencies. His plight would be completely hopeless if among these tendencies were not also the capacity for growth. Our ability to learn, to mature, and to change is truly the strongest of our natural gifts. Yet, even this great virtue of our race, unguided by the star of inspiration can produce terrible and destructive engines that perpetuate darkness, dependency, and tyranny.

Our lives are terribly brief. The truth is that what we believe ourselves to be as natural beings will spend almost eternity in death. We might want to imagine that it may be otherwise, or that there may be a spiritual existence where we may partake in permanence. According to what stares us in the face day after day, however, these desires are at best a convenient way of coping with the brutality of impermanence, and at worst a gorgon knot of unresolved infantile psychological complexes.

Of course, you may have heard about or even studied the writings and sayings of the great sages and saints who teach about transcendence, salvation, deliverance, cessation or some other equivalent suitable to the culture in which their respective ideologies emerged. But unless you have experienced the states of consciousness or heavenly realms they claim to have attained or visited, this knowledge will, if you are lucky, do little more than comfort you. If you are unlucky then you will be haunted by guilt, inadequacy, or a host of other side effects that come with the dissonance produced by what you perceive directly and the message of authority not lining up very well.

So what is the answer to life’s uncertainty, its impermanence, its sheer lack of meaning? Is there a way up the mountain of being that will give us a better view?

The Mystery Tradition offers us a technology for healing the wounds sustained by the infinite universe limiting itself to the consciousness of a finite, disconnected, and impulsive vehicle. The goal is union with one’s own Holy Guardian Angel, a concept similar to what has been called Christ, Buddha, or Atman. One way of achieving this union is by seeking the transcendental in every single thing we do.




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