Want to Change Your Reality? Just Switch the Channel…

By Meg Benedicte

During this extraordinary year of transformation, our planet is morphing from the dying, outdated 3D model of Duality into an alternative 5D paradigm of Unity Consciousness. This is often met with perplexing confusion, as the human mind attempts to grasp how it is possible for a planet to change so dramatically. But once we understand the complex workings of the universe it is easier to not only comprehend but actively get involved.

There is much debate between scientists and spiritual scholars about the origin of creation and the role that living consciousness plays. Similar to the chicken vs. egg argument…does the mind evolve from matter (thoughts as biochemical reactions in the brain), or does matter evolve from mind (spirit creating matter).

My experience supports the narrative that “creation arises from consciousness”…it is the source where ideas originate. All visions, intentions, artistic expression, and imagination are ignited from the trans-material consciousness called “Spirit‟. It is the creative spark of our physical world of matter.

In Quantum Physics everything in nature exists simultaneously as separate particles that also have a wave function. Based on the “Observer Effect‟, the small atoms in our physical world are influenced by the presence of our conscious mind. Particle-waves function as possible probabilities until observed by a conscious mind, whereby the exchange would collapse the wave-function and form a particle. The quantum field exists in a state of waves probabilities (virtual particles), as possible holograms of potential outcomes.

So how does this work? Our brain operates much like a computer or television, creating our material world from a holographic array of frequencies converted into a solid image. Just as a hologram functions as a lens, encoding and decoding frequencies, our brain similarly transforms incoming frequencies into our sensory perception of reality. Therefore, our personal reality is determined by the frequencies selected…like channel surfing from the couch.

In the quantum field our brain animates our external world like the engine of a movie projector – creating a holographic reality by running snapshot “freeze frames‟ of observed perception (images) together similar to a movie film. The consciousness streaming through our mind becomes the “creator‟ of time and space of our physical experience, not the other way around!

When our brain switches channels, we experience a shift in our perceived reality. It may materialize in an “Aha” Moment, or more dramatically, like relocating to a new city or country, or changing careers. In this manner, our brain not only switched channels, it jumped timelines. The human brain ‘receiver’ is selecting one slice of holographic reality from an infinite kaleidoscope of slices.

In a way, our Universe works like sliced bread and in any moment we are selecting one of the slices. With this knowledge, we can consciously choose our slice of reality from the vast quantum field by refining and raising our brainwave frequencies and intentioned focus. We are not stuck in a dark, dismal world. That is just one of infinite slices accessible to us. We have the ability to switch channels any moment we desire with our mind’s consciousness, just like clicking your remote to a new channel.

The human brain has a complex network of microtubules transmitting photon packets of “light consciousness‟ in a quantum field of order (coherence). The human brain ‘receiver’ converts the photon waves of data from the quantum fluctuations into our holographic reality. Our ability to tap into this universal intelligence depends on the strength of our body’s superradiance, our capacity for cellular metabolism of photon light and our brain’s reception of a wider-range of higher frequencies



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