The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle | Animated Book Review

The Power of Now is mainly about spirituality. Nonetheless, it contains a handful of practical insights. Some of wich revolve around our prevalent daily struggles: Depression, anxiety, fear, worry etc.

My speech turns slightly repetitive explaining the first concept, I did this on purpose because the majority don’t practice meditation so I wanted to elaborate the idea in simple words. Meditation practitioners will grasp the first insight easily because I’m sure they already know what I’m talking about (staying present).

Further explanation for concept one:

1- Cultivate carelessness towards the future e.g: You don’t worry about brushing your teeth the night before, you initiate the task when the appropriate time for it comes.

2- Nothing happens outside the present: Past & future occurences happen in the moment. You can wait for a future happening to occur before your eyes or waste time fantasizying.

3- If, however, you indulge in worrying, no matter how vainly you try to change future occurences, it will never mirror your anticipation.

This one’s supposed to be a “spiritual concept”(Meditation practitioners grasp it easier than others who don’t meditate) But I tried to detail it in a practical fashion anyhow.

Second Concept:

1- Aim for success, forget about success: The gold lies in mastery. Enjoy the growth you gain from the process.


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