In Depth Soul Reading (Upd)

by Soren Dreier

This In Depth Soul Reading is based on my ability to provide a clairvoyant, intuitive, metaphysical picture of you, penetrating the layers of the personality/ego and extending to the soul level.

It differs from the reading method that you see here, as I do not do predictive analysis in Soul Reading.

This reading does correspond with the previous method in which I begin by examining the overall picture of you.
The people I have read in this way have always responded with: “I feel recognized – finally somebody sees me.”

In this In Depth Soul Reading I greatly expand the analysis in depth and timeframe. It is time to satisfy that need for recognition and relief into a new form of reading, since it is experienced as highly empowering.

The In Depth Soul Reading will be given a timeframe of one hour, sometimes more. I am peeling the onion, so to speak, in order to go much deeper, putting light on the deeper realms within you.

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