Contemplating ‘The Awakening’

by Soren Dreier

This Matrix we’re in is one out of many but what’s significant is that it’s very heavy, very dense and fascist.
It’s so natural – religiously unkind.

So maybe our approach is: “Why the hell don’t people see this obvious Matrix and why don’t they wake up.” And that tune is getting more and more hysterical. I don’t think a scare tactic is needed towards the already very scared. That will really take them down.

Double scare just doesn’t work – unless the goal is to follow strong leaders…. Which reminds me of the song by the Who: ‘Won’t get fooled again’.

We have to create an impact of the opposite, which is heart-based love, caring and sharing. So we’re on the road uphill, also embedding the low frequencies of human nature. The difficult but scenic route. The Matrix travels in closed containers.

The unmatrixified can’t command the matrixified to wake up. That’s a no-go, if we want a genuine wake up. That approach mirrors the Matrix way of inducing collective fear staged by false flag events, economic hit jobs and mind bending the consciousness into obedience.

So I don’t really think that exchanging the old box with a new box is the way forward. Since that is what this strategy will enforce.

We can’t electrocute folks to wake up. Since that awakening will be as much fear based as the present Matrix reality. It may provide a cheering crowd but who really cares about that other than the shouters: Ego. That’s not promoting the waking up – that teaching people to repeat……

We don’t need overhyping high volume egos.
We need respect of the principles of genuine awakening. And that is highly individual.

They will awake when met with spirituality that is not elitist. They will wake up because of the fascist designs of the Matrix; which, as goes for the stupidity of the matrix, it will provide itself. Thank God for the built in fascist self-destructiveness of the powers that will wither.

But if ‘the movement´ doesn’t hold the spirituality and the spiritual respect for the individual (which is frankly the hallmark of the current matrix) people will be fooled again. And I would very much prefer to stay asleep. I want my alarm clock to be subtle and not scare the crap out of me when I get out of bed. Since the wake up is somehow scary – but the hope in that is: One has to set out, the soul pulls and we leave the Matrix or the fragment of it we see, roll like tumbleweeds through airport terminals looking for that place that will promise to be a safe haven.
On this Planet – there is none.
Inside you there is!

As the synchronistic mechanic kicks in the gentle souls, and people need that ‘gentle ‘ awakening, the synchronistic gear will pick it up and make a collective impact. That is where we can talk of a genuine collective awakening. Not one nanosecond before!

So there’s a parallel track to cover the next three years: Stone cold facts regarding the fascist matrix and the gentleness of the heart. It will be a most delicate walk.

Genuinely, basically, we evolve individually.

Mass awakening comes after, when enough souls are impacted by what they perceive to be their truth. And if that thrust, be it mundane or spiritual, corresponds and connects on an individual frequency with others’ thrust, spiritual or mundane, the wheels of synchronicity will provide the mass awakening. As said: It is not the other way around if we want genuine – and not: ‘meet the new boss – same as the old boss’, wherein they would find themselves in a less dense matrix but it’s still outer control versus inner control or self guidance.




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