Ayahuasca, Iboga and Expanding Your Consciousness

Ayahuasca and Iboga… kindred medicine sacred plants have been pushing themselves into the collective consciousness of the 3D world.

For thousands of years indigenous tribes have structured their cultures and cosmologies around the wisdom gleaned from communing with these sacred plant teachers.

At this time there is a widespread and growing interest in these sacraments as a means to heal and clear energetic blockages from the body so many in the world suffer from.

“Grandmother Medicine is wise and powerful. Perhaps the plants themselves are catalyzing new opportunities for survival of their wisdom as well as their rainforest home, and maybe us too!” — Jonathon Miller-Weisberger

Used in shamanic and ceromony practices, Ayahuasca, native to South America, is a entheogenic brew; banisteriopsis caapi, and other DMT containing plants such as chacruna, or psychotria viridis.

Iboga, native to the rainforest of Gabon, Africa, is an entheogenic root bark of the tree, tabernanthe iboga.

Both of these sacred plant medicines are taken ceremonially as medicinal rites to facilitate physical and psychological healing, and to teach ethical living, develop spirituality, strengthen family and communal ties, and to deepen one’s connection to all life.

They are the center pieces of shamanic traditions that have for ages been full-spectrum healing arts that address the total human needs of individuals and communities alike, while addressing energetic imbalances between humans and nature. They bring a human being into direct contact with the mystical nature of life and consciousness.

In assisting with the planetary ascension, both of these sacred plants are working their way into the consciousness of the world at a time when the planet is under severe ecological assault and the individual is being polluted with toxic foods, bombarded with fear and suffering from dreadful mental & emotional health.

Mother Earth, the shining blue pearl of life in a vast sea of space is the source of all life.

The propagation of truly organic-living-light wisdom via these sacred plant medicines into humanity is her conscious effort to redress the damage being done to the planet and each other, whose communication is limited to the forces of nature with the ability to inspire, expanding consciousness, transforming lives and loving us through it all.

“We are not talking about passive agents of transformation, we are talking about an intelligence, a consciousness, an alive and other mind, a spirit. Nature is alive and is talking to us. This is not a metaphor.” — Terence McKenna

Transformation is the key to navigating these critical times, and these sacred plant medicines strike at the root of the planetary shift. It takes tremendous courage to step into the “spirit fire” with these sacred plant medicines, but for those who do, will feel their own destiny, their divine purpose.

One will be renewed and cleansed, with heightened energy and abundant inspiration, activating dormant DNA codes at the highest potential. Fear is understood as the illusion that it is, emotional healing happens instantly, and the infinite nature of human consciousness is revealed.

One reassess their connection to nature and sees, senses and directly feels the sentience in all things and embraces the connection to the cosmic web of life. Deep, enduring questions are answered, and forgiveness is granted. The spiritual seeker undertakes personal ascension and a new life path unfolds based on Love-Unity.



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