The Role of Action in Manifestation

Many people misunderstand the role of action in creating the results they are getting in their lives.  Those that are unaware that their reality is a construct and that it is dynamically generated from the essence of their own thoughts and beliefs (and more), generally think that action is the ONLY thing that is causing the results they are getting.

But of course, there’s a lot more going on under the hood, and I’m going to explore it in this article.  This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this topic, check out Action Speaks Louder Than Words for more about the role of action in manifestation.  The reason I’m revisiting this topic is to take a look at it from a new angle that I think will be very helpful in understanding and mastering deliberate creation.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Action, Results, and Cause and Effect

As I have said, those who are unaware of The Law of Attraction believe that the ONLY way to get results is through action.  And there is no denying that action causes results.  Taking a certain action in a certain situation produces a certain result — the action DIRECTLY causes an effect or result — this is what is known as Linear Cause and Effect.

But action also INDIRECTLY causes effects via the Law of Attraction, in the same way as your thoughts, desires, and intentions do — a process that might be called Non-linear Cause and Effect.  And the indirect effects of action are not produced by the action, per se, but by the desire and intention that inspired the action.

Action Amplifies Your Desires and Intentions

Taking action serves to amplify the root desire and intention that sponsored the action.  And then, by the Law of Attraction, the strengthened intention more powerfully attracts circumstances that will facilitate the attainment of the root desire.  This is why I often say “action is the strongest form of intention.”

Every action is inspired by or sponsored by, a root desire and intention, and thus action represents a powerful concrete expression of the sponsoring desire and intention.  And this adds substantial energy to the root desire and intention which then more powerfully attracts events, circumstances, people, information, and things that can serve as opportunities to the fulfillment of the desire.

An Example of the Non-Linear Effects of Action

So here’s a recent experience that I think poignantly illustrates how action can indirectly manifest results via the Law of Attraction.  I shared the complete story of this expereince in a recent article, which you may find interesting and helpful to read, but I’ll share the gist of it (that pertains to the point I’m trying make) here.

Manifesting a New Apartment

Recently I was forced to find a new apartment.  And I had reason to believe, and was worried, that I might have a hard time finding one (but I won’t get into the reason why here).  I knew that it would be important to do some deliberate creation work to neutralize my fears and focus on what I wanted.  So I envisioned the apartment of my dreams, and I affirmed reasons why it should be easy to find multiple times over the course of a week.



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