The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off

by Hilde Larsen | Guest writer for Wake Up World

It can be challenging to realize that most of what you have believed is false. It can feel like a betrayal and deceit. You might feel dumb or ignorant. But you are not — that’s just another lie.

Every time you feel you are not reaching your potential, or feeling discouraged about where you are at this moment, it is the inner knowing of what you really deserve that knocks on your door. The inner place beyond any subconscious programming that knows that you are worthy of everything you desire. The space between where you are and where you want to be can be experienced as frustration, anger and depression. Your inner guidance is telling you it’s time to step up and live like you mean it. Freedom is knocking, invite it in.

The truth is, you are FREE!

The freedom that arises:

The word freedom has many connotations. It means different things to different people. If you have been locked up physically, the meaning becomes obvious. If you have been abused and tortured, locked up in your own false beliefs, or if you have restricted your own expression in any way, you will feel trapped. If you are physically ill and cannot move, you will experience your variety of being held back. The emotion of not being able to live fully is the same as being un-free. Most prisons are invisible. Most gatekeepers are lies. Most sentences are self-appointed, and most escapes are voluntary.

You have the freedom to choose: Being able to choose is part of our free will as human beings. We always have a choice. Even when seemingly limited, it is there. Choosing anything requires action of some sort. It requires that we get our butts off the coach and our heads out of the sand. It might not seem like much, but with a cluttered mind and a broken record, be patient. The fact that you are free is not going anywhere. You can choose to act and to step up at any time.

You can set the bar as high as you wish. You can set your own standard. This goes for any area of your life. When you realize that you can choose to see the freedom that truth is bringing, it will knock your socks off. It does not challenge your already true beliefs. On the contrary, it will able them to come forth. Not every standard and belief you live by is hurting your expression and life. Not if you are one of the so-called lucky ones. Is there such a thing as luck? Not in the world of cause and effect. What we live is a reflection of our choices, conscious or subconscious. Nothing is random, even though it can absolutely seem that way at times. Your participation is not insignificant. It is everything. When you truly realize that holding on to what is, is nothing more than clinging to your baggage, you will have to face it. You will have to look at either the pissed off; I-do-not-believe-in-this-crap energy, or the enthusiasm from learning about freeing yourself. Either way, it is a choice. Although not necessary a conscious one, nevertheless a choice.

Not only do you have the choice to change and grow, you also have the freedom to stay where you are. If you want to stay in a job that you hate, you can. If you want to keep listening to others, and not yourself, that is your choice. The magic is in the realization and the acknowledgement, as from that comes the ownership of the choices made. Bottom line is this: No matter what you choose, you live with it.

You can choose who you listen to, which is a choice that should not be taken lightly. What you read, what you watch, what you listen to, and who, is all up to you. When you were a child you had to listen to your guardians and your teachers. Not anymore. It is time to break those chains, and to realize that your life is between you and God, and no one else. Who and what you listen to, is your own decision to make. The challenge today is not only walking away from the media and sources that keeps spreading untrue information, it is also knowing how to maneuver through the crazy amount of information found on the internet. You can research any topic, and find a confusing amount of conflicting information. Careful who you listen to. Spend time finding reliable sources, and remember, nothing is as reliable as your inner voice and intuition.

If something doesn`t resonate with you, walk away. If someone is telling you anything that does not reflect your greatness, walk away. If anyone is trying to tell you that you cannot do, be, have or believe, walk away! Freedom!

You can choose how you respond and react to every situation that arises. Will you use it, or will you let it use you? Will you let someone else be the boss of how you feel, or will you step up to that job yourself? Will you let the bus driver, the cashier or your father dictate how your day evolves? Most often we do. We let their actions and reactions step all over our old beliefs. Bringing forth the emotional baggage and untruths. We can simply say no and stop it. Nothing that anyone says or does should bring you off balance. We tend to get triggered by the ones that shows us we are not good enough, and now we let life happen to us.

Believing that there is good luck and bad luck, good days and bad days. All dependent on something outside of us. Not so. All a choice, every single day. Every action has an equal reaction. Cause and effect, again. Two different people can experience the exact same scenario, reacting completely different? Why? They react according to their beliefs, their old garbage, and their chosen response. Some live on the positive side of life, some on the more negative. To see the glass as half full or half empty is a choice. The less we hang on to our pride and your ego, we will be able to untangle ourselves from the need to react to every little thing that comes our way. For some, even a dog barking will throw off the morning. For others, a slow traffic will do the same. For others, none of it matters, they have a life to live, and am noticing how great their life really is. How will you choose to respond to what you are experiencing?

Even when you shop, you are reflecting your freedom. Every time you spend money on anything, you are choosing what you want to experience. You are voting, so to speak. Whether you are spending money on a food, a drug, a household item or a service, you are inviting it into your life. You are accepting its quality and usage. If we want something to be taken off the shelves, we need to stop buying it. If no one paid for it, it would no longer be offered. Simple. A true freedom of choice. We can change the world just by changing how we spend our money. We need to be respectful when we spend our money. It is an energy exchange. We are sending out the signal that we honor the product or service. If you cannot honestly say this about your purchases, don´t make them. Be truthful when you vote.

Imagine not feeding anything that came from cruelty and harmful behavior. Imagine supporting sustainable, organic farming and positive growth based companies. We would change the world, literally.

You can choose what you eat. Within a few circumstances, like your place or residence and income, you are free to swallow what you like. Unless you are in a prison, or anywhere where certain food is restricted, on a feeding tube, or in another type of extreme situation, it is up to you. Even then, most likely your influence is greater than you might think. The point is, that for most of us, no one is forcing us to eat anything we don’t want to.

By choosing our food, we are choosing our health, pretty much. We are allowing into our temple, either nutrition and life, or toxins and death. We are allowing into our being, either vitality or degeneration. On top of this, we are promoting sustainable organic farming, or cruelty based torture and pain. We are choosing toxic or none-toxic. We are teaching our children to follow what we do, with every single bite, and at the same time loving our body or not so much. What we eat is a choice that should not be taken lightly. Without this body, there is no human life.

You are free to change. A simple, seemingly small and insignificant change will have a massive impact on your life. Just by changing a simple thought form there will be ripple effects beyond your imagination. Change may be hard, and it is for most people, but the benefits are enormous. For a professional golfer, changing the pitch, the angle of how the club hits the ball by only a millimeter, will determine a winning game from a losing one. Change can be subtle or radical, forced or planned. Lucky for all of us, we can change at any time. We do not have to wait for any particular moment. We have no obligations to stay the same, as if that was even possible.

Using change as a freedom of choice is truly empowering. Even though we change over time, just by living and experiencing, we can use this force as a game changer on all levels. Everything that is holding us back, or cluttering our vision so to speak, is there to show us that we need to change something. One of those things that requires us, ourselves and our very own determination. To want to change has to come from the willingness to do the work that is required. A freedom that no one can take from you.



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