Man-made artifacts found in ‘300-million-year-old sandstone’?

Texas fossil museum collects what most evolution theorists seek to bury

By Max McNabb

There’s a mystery on display at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas: What appears to be evidence of man-made artifacts that were embedded in sandstone reported to be 300 million years old.

Curator Joe Taylor recently molded a series of depressions left by four strange objects that left behind impressions in hard Pennsylvanian sandstone – a layer of strata said to be 300 million years old.

The appearance of the objects is similar to modern plumbing valves, complete with hex-head nuts. The site of the discovery is within the tri-state area of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Its precise location is being kept under wraps until a further investigation has concluded.

No one knows when the actual objects themselves, which made the depressions, were removed. Chisel marks are discernable at the small ends of the impressions, likely from someone prying the objects loose.

“You can see shatter marks around them,” Taylor said. “That means something was in those depressions.”

The current whereabouts of the objects are also unknown.

Todd Jurasek was alerted to the existence of the impressions by an elderly, Native American WWII veteran. Jurasek in turn contacted Joe Taylor, known for his skill in creating successful molds in difficult locations and conditions.

“I molded the depressions where the objects had been,” Taylor said. “Then I molded that mold and cast it – which gives us the objects’ shape.”

Fossils of sea creatures are often found in Pennsylvanian sandstone, but what were man-made, metal-type objects doing in ancient strata?

“There’s an obvious problem here,” Taylor said. “All the people who say this formation is 300 million years old would also say no man or mammals existed then. So what’s modern plumbing-like equipment doing in there? Either the formation isn’t that old, or man was around before the dinosaurs. If that’s the case, the evolution story they tell in schools can’t be true.”




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