Ancient Love II – The Alignment & The Synchronicity

by Soren Dreier

In the first post (Ancient Love) on this topic I described the impact of meeting your Ancient Love and what it can do to you. The joy of knowing that this other person is out there, is as said, very high impact and seen from the perspective of romantic love, there is nothing like it.

What many either don’t know or tend to overlook, is that it does not necessarily have to play out in Real Life 3D. That is because, as oddly as it may sound: the safety in knowing, even the love that generates ‘just’ from knowing, is enough to fulfill you, make a heart in turmoil rest and put an anxious mind at ease.

That can sound like a contradiction but it is not, since both your mind and heart are even in a greater turmoil now, since you obviously would like to also be physically near your Ancient Love and have that person resting by your side.

The quality that makes it non-contradictive is solely spiritual; it is metaphysical and it is like: “Well, I have come all this way and there he or she is – time will tell.” It´s a spiritual safety and you are highly connected already in your ‘other bodies’ such as the emotional, astral and the etheric.

Some Ancient Lovers rush into each other’s arms, abandon everything as goes for the life they have, because the pull is so strong. Nothing wrong with that – but it can go wrong, since the Alignment hasn’t been architected yet. And this is where the ‘Hollywood New Age’ version becomes unreal.

The alignment I am addressing is: The merging of life experiences and the merging of values of the Soul as in: We have suffered a lot; we have been through pain on the romantic scale and our goings about on the thin ice of modern life. And you do not want to throw those experiences overboard since soul core values don’t come for free. They often come through suffering.

So what now? Negotiate, would be my answer and do not bin your hard earned experiences blindly.

One thing helps here, and that is the Spiritual Maturity in both of you. I don’t think we get these wonders served on a platter if we are not ready for them on a spiritual note. The meeting with your Ancient Love is all a feel but it also leaves you in a choice – will, should, can I let this play out in Real Life? It is a Yes, if the values are shared and they often will be.

Let me stray to Romantic Relationships. There are, for every love affair, certain deal breakers, either based on moral standards or ethics. The classic one is to draw a line on infidelity. So if your love does that, it would mean that you will depart the relationship, faster than your partner can count to ten.

It´s a value you have that cannot be tampered with and you won’t bow down, or go into the big discussion with your partner. The relationship just went from warm to below zero. Again it is your value and what others think of that value shouldn’t be your concern. For you: It is simply not up for debate.

Another relationship deal breaker could be: Do not ever take your partner down in front of others and make him or her feel as a lesser being – being dragged into your little drama of having an audience for your frustrations with that partner. I mean: If your partner is that low in your esteem, why are you in that relationship in the first place?

Lying, is also on top of most people’s relationship deal breaker list and of course abuse on any level.

The Ancient Lovers come out of this reality and have their wounds, have their experiences, have their hurt and by God you know that the Ancient Beloved can heal those experiences: IF, they share the values that are the source of the hurt. If she or he does not, the hurt will continue, now from the Ancient Love, and it is very important to stress: It will break you. It will fracture your soul into a split of: Why did I sell out; I should have waited or I (we) should have outlined these deal breakers before I took the action of moving in with him or her.

I am aware that this sounds very ‘mind’ or intellectual, it is not. The Gold is this:

“I know myself – I am ready on all levels to love this person silly – but I also have to protect myself in a way that I do not follow blindly – lose myself on soulful core issues, because: if I both lose myself and my Ancient Love – I will break, like I never have broken before.”

It is not fear based. It is not the intellect. What it is, is: Conscious surrender.




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