Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend

By Michelle Walling, CHLC | Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

If you find yourself in defense mode about ANYTHING that is coming up in your life, step back and take a good look at why you feel this way. Defense with a negative feeling behind it has its roots in fear and illusion. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Being fooled? Feeling? Looking ignorant? Being wrong?

If you allow this feeling to surface and then follow the thread of this feeling back to the why you feel this way, you can then let that layer peel back for good with the vulnerability it provides. Identifying where you are still carrying these lower vibrational feelings is a part of the “work” we are all doing right now, and until you finally uncover why you are having this feeling, it will continue to repeat itself in your life.

We are all ONE and there is only truth vibration and that is LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, PATIENCE (fill in the blanks with beautiful high vibrational descriptions). Anything else is illusion, it is not “true”. It is HARD to uncover all of the things you thought were true, even in the metaphysical and spiritual teachings. Beliefs, heirarchy, laws, and teachings that do not hold these higher vibrations do not exist on the New Earth!

Realize that it was ok to follow some of those teachings! They served a purpose. How would you know what isn’t true unless you dove into it head first? Everyone has what they feel is their own truths and that’s why there is so much fighting and dissent. We are simply fighting with ourselves, which is the metaphor for the snake eating it’s tail.

With that being said, even when you find the truth, the person right next to you may not ready to let go of their illusions. All you can do is to show someone the litmus test of vibration. Whether they want to let it go or not is their free will choice.

More and more of this will be happening and we have to be careful that we do not defend nor do we try to force the truth. Truth doesn’t need forcing, one day it is just blatantly obvious. One day we will say well it doesn’t even matter about the hot discussion topics of politics, religion, money, flat earth, secret space programs, aliens, astrotheology, illuminati, chemtrails, etc. because none of it applies to the new reality we should be focusing on. There is no love in any of these things. If we could just agree on this we could shift as a collective to a new reality rather quickly.

I am not suggesting to not acknowledge these things, in fact this article is about how to see the illusion. It doesn’t mean that yesterday’s truths weren’t serving a purpose, as everything comes from the one creator and can’t be dismissed. It just means that we are now separating from the illusion and are standing in new truths in order to align with a new reality. We are finished with the illusion of separation and are now choosing unity consciousness.

>As we continue to peel the layers of the onion back on the illusion, there will be an underlying organic reality underneath it that has been hidden. That organic matrix is the organic fabric which is created with the vibration of love of one creator that is experiencing life as individuals who are all connected. We are already there in that reality, we just have to connect the two by dissolving the illusion of time and separation.

In the new reality some have called New Earth, you would never fight another because you would see it is harming you and the collective because you are all connected. You would never call anyone stupid or an idiot because you would be calling yourself that. I see so called spiritual and metaphysical leaders bashing humanity, calling them stupid and uninformed and it eventually backfires to them where they lose their shit. I also see people who are awakened fighting for their individual food choices, occult teachings, mystery school doctrines, or flat earth theories, negatively attacking others that do not agree with them. Unfortunately, this fighting can cause “dis-ease” within the individual as well as the collective.

You can deal with this by creating a litmus test. Start dissecting what your programmed truths are. Discuss the facets of a belief and find out whether you can find love in any of it. Does it carry a high vibration? Does it feel good? Is it something that doesn’t need proving? Does it work for you and has it brought you to the understanding that you are a part of the creator and everything is connected? If anyone wants to argue about love, then it’s time to let them go argue with themselves. Love is the common point that we can all agree on that can “glue” us back together. We may have to give up some things we thought were true in order to do so.



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