Navigating the Dreamstate

by Göran Backlund

imagesThe more I read about this, the more disconnected I feel from the people around me. It’s probably ego talking, but even though, not that long ago, “I” was one of “them”, it seems so stupid now to live life the way they do and not care about this tremendously important subject. But even besides that, I just find I can’t connect with others anymore, even worse than I was already unable to. They aren’t interested in that which moves me most, which fascinates me most.

I don’t think it need to be our values, ideas and opinions that connects us to other human beings. I think it’s the willingness to disengage in all of that and instead let life move on its own accord that allows for the most intimate form of connection to others.

But in order to do that one must first develop some basic trust. I’ve already written about moving from an intentionless place, but before you transition to that, here’s a quick primer on what you can start doing right now, from the top of my head:

There’s a basic conflict in the ordinary human way of being; between what one wants to do, and what one thinks he ought to do. When these two are in alignment, we experience effortlessness and flow – but when they’re not, we experience distress, anxiety and fear.

But we need to realize that our idea of what we should do is a terrible guide for navigating the dreamstate. It’s motivated by fear, not trust.

Instead, we can shift into another attitude – namely, that when the sense of  wanting to do something arises, we view that as the universe informing us of what we really should be doing.

In other words, we no longer let ourselves be guided by what we think we should do, but what we want to do.

Simple, right? Stop doing what you think you should be doing, and start doing what you want to do.


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