Mar 02

Astral Projection – Going Beyond the Astral Plane of Reality

By Paul Lenda | Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Image1Many people in the spiritual and conscious communities know about astral projection. While there’s a seemingly-infinite wonderland to explore and learn from in the astral domain, this is far from the extent of the non-physical sphere of Reality. There are dimensions higher and more subtle than the astral (5th) dimension and the ‘higher’ you go, the most abstract and mind/soul-blowing things become. These are dimensions invisible to physical sight and they are unquantifiable so science cannot ever observe or compact them into a box.

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve put together what we feel is as best as we could describe the indescribable. We hope you can experience these firsthand because there is nothing quite like the direct experience of the highest possible realms of Reality in existence. But before we attempt at doing so, here’s a guide that can take you into these higher dimensions of infinite Reality:

– Use a deep relaxation technique (meditation) and then attain a full trance state

– Stimulate all primary energy centers (aka chakras)

– Use extra brow and crown center stimulation exercises

– Raise energy through your entire body, through all your primary energy centers (chakras) in one smooth action to the crown center while breathing inward

– Hold awareness in the crown center and feel energy flowing into there all through the inward breath and all through the following outward breath.

– Flick awareness back to your feet and repeat at the start of the next inward breath.


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