The Conscious Forum – A New Social Platform Coming Soon

by Spirit Science and Metaphysics

imageThe world needs more community and more connection.  There are a lot of people who are on Facebook and on the internet that would love nothing more than to find a community of people they can openly discuss progressive topics with.  Aside from Facebook groups (which are far from ideal), there aren’t really any places people can go where they can partake in enlightening conversations and conscious discussions. This is what inspired the creation of The Conscious Forum.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to connect, discuss, and engage with one another in a really easy and extremely organized way.  This will be an entire website dedicated to just that.

In Facebook groups, and even in other forms, it can be difficult to navigate. How do you find posts relevant to your question? How do you find out what people have said about topics you are interested in? If you want to know what people are saying about Kundalini meditation or relationships, how can you access these threads?The Conscious Forum will be the most organized and dynamic discussion place online.  You will be able to search by index, latest posts, most viewed posts, unanswered posts, and posts with most votes. You will also be able to search by category (there are over 80 categories), tag, or keyword.


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