Removing Mental Malware by Larken Rose

The problem is NOT the rulers, the politicians, the corporations, the Illuminati, or whatever. The problem is YOUR OWN faulty thinking due to a low I.Q. which inhibits you from realizing that the societal system ITSELF is corrupt and EVERYONE involved in that system is participating in the fraud of slavery. Larken Rose asks do you want to know the truth? Nearly everybody will say yes, but for most people, the answer is really no. If the truth makes people uncomfortable, then most people will choose the comfortable lie.


If you really look into the concept of Controlled Opposition you will begin to notice that *ANY* so-called opposition can be controlled. Some attempts are artificial opposition where there was no opposition previously. The concept of Controlled Opposition is far more complex than it might first appear to most people. Everyone thinks that their own personal point-of-view is the correct one. This opinion might even be supported by a majority of people.

However, since it takes a LOT of work and effort to not only understand one’s own I.Q. but understand that I.Q. within the context of society as a whole, the majority of people tend NOT to attain a sufficient level of I.Q. in order to be able to understand the complex nature of non-polarized actual reality…….more


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