The Laws of Nature That Can Be Applied to Daily LIfe

Image11. Nature’s Law Of Teamwork

Bees work together to find flowers and gather pollen for their hive, lions use strategy to coordinate attacks on their prey, and sea otters hold hands to keep from floating away from each other.In that spirit we must work together. Nature provides us with perfect examples as to how we can all work together as one.

The important thing to remember when it comes to teamwork is that we are all in the same boat. Understand that the whole purpose of a team is working together. When one person isn’t cooperating it makes situations challenging when they really shouldn’t be. Think about it: if one lion decided that they wanted to be lazy while the rest of the pride was trying to pick up her slack it probably would take twice the effort to bring down a zebra. Supporting each other goes a long way when it comes to teamwork. Show your team what your made of!

2. Nature’s Law Of Being Present

With today’s many outlets for social interaction, the mind can be very cluttered. Sometimes it’s best to put yourself in the here and now. Even if it means stopping and appreciating the birds chirping or the beautiful mountains. One cannot truly bring themselves into the present until they are completely aware of their surroundings.

The world is a wonderful place to explore. Maybe instead of playing video games or mindlessly scrolling through your phone or computer, leave all bits of technology behind and go for a walk. Embrace the great outdoors!

3. Nature’s Law Of Perseverance

Creatures in nature have persevered through the most difficult journeys this world has to offer. Through dire times, inevitable outcomes, loss of others, and much more critical situations, one can become stronger through the experience of challenging adventures. A better way to handle a bad situation is to remind yourself that it is all temporary.

4. Nature’s Law Of Peace

Most communities in nature find ways to coexist with each other. The balance between one another is the respect that one has for the other. People and animals must find that balance – it’s as important as finding it between each other too.

Society owes itself peace with all life forms. Not every pride, flock, or animal group is going to be the same but at least they can compromise with one another. Most living creatures just want to be happy!

5. Nature’s Law Of Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Just as a spider waits to strike its prey, a caterpillar slowly transforms into a butterfly, or an acorn grows into a 150 year old tree, the outcomes are endless in nature. The reward of waiting can be pretty amazing. When most things take a long time to happen the end game is always a treat. The closure of the wait also feels pretty good too. “The wait is finally over!” Is probably one of the best sentences to say ever.

With these laws of nature, you can overcome some of the greatest challenges this world has to offer!


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