Zen Hero

imageby Göran Backlund

People are always asking what to do. They want to know how to play the game of life. But the only reason why all of this feels so overwhelming and difficult is that you’re thinking about it like a game of chess. You believe life is a big complex game that needs to be figured out – that everything needs to be carefully considered and all options weighed before making the next move.

But life isn’t supposed to be played like chess. It’s meant to be played like Guitar Hero.

That is, in this alive vibrant window of effortlessly dancing sensations, you’re only supposed to engage what’s coming up right now. Whatever’s up there on the screen is all you need to deal with. Just like tapping the notes in Guitar Hero.

In Guitar Hero, and in life, you’re gonna screw up if you think too much. Instead, you play it on feel. Then, when things settle down, you can reflect upon what just happened and revise the game plan accordingly – that is, if such strategizing is itself effortlessly coming up as notes in the song. Because unless that kind of planning is arising spontaneously, there’s no need to do or revise anything. You’re already doing fine. You’re out there, fully engaged and fully immersed, hitting the notes in the song of life, letting the rhythm and flow of the song engulf you to the point where you become one with it.


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