A Personal Experience with Ayahuasca

Image2by Phillip J Watt

In the Western world, there has been an explosion of interest in the tribal Amazonian art of utilizing sacred plant medicines for their health applications.

Especially Ayahuasca.

And justifiably so; the scientific and anecdotal reflections of its physical, behavioral, psychological, emotional and energetic healing powers have been well documented, particularly over recent decades. This article hopes to add to the accumulating records of its profound benefits.

Before traveling to Peru in May 2014, my partner and I planned ahead by researching its effects and reading on others’ experiences. Universally, consuming this medicine is strongly associated with spiritual empowerment and development.

Part of the negative expectations was to potentially have challenging emotional processing, as well as uncontrollable vomiting. This is understood in tribal philosophy to not just be a physical cleansing, but primarily an energetic one.

We were also aware of its healing capacity – some users claim it has cured their cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other illnesses, including the life-debilitating addictions of heroin and alcohol etc. Furthermore, others claim that it had helped them reassess their morality and forgive themselves and others’ for past indiscretions.


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