What Makes Humans Different From Animals? That Special Thing, Bigger Than Magic

by Dejan Davchevski

The Reason why HUMANS Differ from Animals is more Magical than you can Possibly IMAGINE!
I started wondering what makes us different from animals? What is it? Is it the ability to speak?

Animals communicate in their own way, why should words be considered something special? Probably the ability to organize sounds so they create a particular word which holds meaning.

So, is it the ability to organize? It couldn’t be. Animals organize, sometimes even better than we ever did.

Did you know that a community of fire ants will hold together, arms in arms, if there is a flood? They’ll hold together to form a raft so they do not get drowned.

Delirium-What-Makes-Us-HumanThe most precious members of the colony, the larvae and the queen ant, are kept safely dry in the middle. The queen ant can give birth to some three million ants over her lifetime. If they can reach dry land, they stand a good chance of rebuilding.

Imagine us, humans, holding together, arms in arms, to form a human raft and let a couple of men and women reproduce on top of that human raft until we reach a safe land. Eating the minimum required for survival.

OK, that’s something that will never happen so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Let’s not drift away from the subject.

What makes us human?

It’s not the ability to organize and it’s not the ability to communicate. Is it the ability to learn? But animals can also learn. Is it the ability to teach? The animals teach other animals things they discover.



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