The Entangled Universe: The Missing Link Between Science and Spirituality ~ A.H. Almaas

Source: scienceandnonduality

If you’ve ever experienced that gut feeling that someone was about to call and in that moment they did, or that something terrible happened to a loved one, only to find out they were involved in an accident at the same time you thought of them, then you have (on a spiritual level) experienced Entanglement.

For years I could never quite grasp why the worlds of science and spirituality were always at opposing ends when it came to viewing the vast awesomeness of the Universe; each arguing that they alone held the keys. Spirituality argues that science is too harsh and tangible; too concrete and unbending while from the scientific viewpoint, spirituality seems to be based on blind faith and guess-work. To me, it appears obvious that this limited perspective prevents either from having the keys, but also from even knowing which doors they open. Science and spirituality are stuck miles apart when they actually, in my opinion, overlap in very elegant ways.



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