How to Reconnect with Nature, Supply our Own Resources and Rebuild Local Communities

questions_sizedby Phillip J Watt

Humanity has lost its connection to nature. We’re so bombarded with artificial imagery and superficial living that we think that taking in the sunset or going for a bushwalk is all it means to unite with our mother earth. These practices are in and of themselves a great experience, however they don’t truly represent the holistic way in which we should be connecting to the spirit of the natural world and the life that it breathes.

We have disconnected from our food. We have forgotten the cycles of natural systems. We are blind to the divine patterns found in nature. We hardly recognise the innate wisdom of knowing our environment like the back of our heart.

The urbanisation of civilisation is partly the cause. Living in a cement jungle on top of each other is an ironic twist to being more emotionally isolated from each other. The way in which we should be engaging with our local community has been inhibited by the organisational systems that the majority of us subscribe to. And for what? To feed the unsustainable and destructive economic principle of growth by attending a monotonous job from 9 to 5, one in which the bulk of us don’t even enjoy?

Consumerism has harmed our collective and environmental wellbeing. Materialism has eroded our value systems and fuelled a cultural existential crisis. Globalization has polluted our planetary and community health. Industrial agriculture is killing our ecological systems and failing to feed the population of earth.



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