5 People Changing the World As We Know It

consciouscommunityThere are important changes happening on so many levels in our society. Collectively we are waking up, driven by the deep lack of satisfaction that we have for the way our social systems are designed and the destructive impacts that they’ve had both on humanity and the environment. Inspiringly, these changes are being led by many people who have devoted their lives to the cause.

First, we need a philosophical shift, because individualistic behaviors which are driven by materialistic and consumerist ideologies have rotted out our values in terms of how we treat each other, as well as our natural systems. The metaphysics of materialism, which dogmatically plagues modern day science, is the core of this problem.

What we truly require is to collectively move into a philosophy that respects all life on earth with a unified perception of reality, something that spiritual traditions have expressed for eons and an idea that the scientific fields of quantum physics and parapsychology are ‘rationally’ proving in our modern era. Without this deep shift in thinking, changing human activity to better care for Mother Nature, and each other, won’t occur naturally. Think about it this way: if we don’t view the world outside of us, as us, then it’s hard to imagine why we would have the same respect for it as we should ourselves.

There’s been some amazing progress made by humanity; however the dysfunctional outcomes of our social systems are now abundantly clear. For a quick introduction to these issues, have a read of 11 Toxic Realities Society is Finally Waking Up About. These toxic states of human activity are thankfully being exposed by many leaders who understand the need to change the way we think and live. The results are nothing but impressive too, especially because individuals are being shocked out of their slumber at an ever-increasing rate.



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