Alchemize All Matrix-Based Thought-Forms

Alchemize-All-Matrix-Based-Thought-FormsBy Arno Pienaar

How aware are you of the divided beings within you, the thoughts that have lives of their own that shares the same body as you, do you know your thought forms? Learn how to alchemize all matrix-based thought-forms.

We all desires stillness and control within our minds, and prefer our inner domains to be free from disruptive thoughts that cause us to react.

Reacting in this context means thinking more thoughts resulting form one that was primarily implanted by the Luciferian Archons that know you better than you know yourself! (The ego)

These entities live by thought alone and use it to manipulate this reality by implanting thoughts into all of humanity by suggestion.

We direly need to be free from all thought-forms. A thought-form is a thought that has been energized to the point of gaining it’s own life and dominion within the psyche of the captive’s mind. It literally is a created entity that lives within a person that wants its own way.

A thought-form can be compared to a stuck tape — its patterns and reasoning are repetitious and serve to keep you in frozen malfunction, or an unconscious existence.

You become like a computer trying to function with a virus; everything is a struggle and your frequency is slower than it should be.

Thought-forms become ingrained into your mind and rule your life while you are unconscious.

Many of us have become slaves to the consequences of being a victim to the Luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, that gain more access to our minds through matrix-based information constructs, such as words, numbers, shapes, colors and sounds.



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